How to Choose a Backpack Leaf Blower [Best Suggestions]

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The days of traditional raking to sweep your backyard or lawn are literally over. A backpack leaf blower has pushed that traditional one away. A commercial backpack leaf blower efficiently saves time, money, and energy. But you must know how to choose a backpack leaf blower for your work. You can make quick work of autumn chores with the help of a good backpack blower.

How to Choose a Backpack Leaf Blower

Choosing the best leaf blower isn’t an easy task. If you don’t have any prior experience, it might be harder for you to pick the best backpack leaf blower. You cannot go shop to shop to collect information to make a decision. In addition, before buying a product you must know what to consider and whatnot. The best backpack leaf blowers are life-savers. You now need to know the choosing factors while buying a commercial leaf blower. So, let’s see the considerable factors when choosing the best backpack blower.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Backpack Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is a power tool that is used to remove leaves, grass, and other debris on the ground such as lawn, backyard, driveway, and others. To collect or remove the dust, a backpack leaf blower is the best shot to do the work in a short time without depleting your valuable energy and time.

However, there are different types of leaf blowers out in the market with different features. This is exactly why you should know the best one-leaf blower backpack for your need. On the other hand, you need to know which one would be very suitable for you. So to have a precise buying decision, you must have to come up with some considerable key factors while purchasing the backpack leaf blower for the garden or yard.

Then, let’s go see the features we should consider.

1. Power Source

The first factor you must encounter is power source. According to your requirement, try to know what kind of power source is needed to run this backpack leaf blower on. And then you can go ahead.

Generally, there are 2 types of backpack leaf blowers. They are –

  1. Electric Backpack Leaf Blowers
  2. Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

Electric Backpack Leaf Blowers

Most people like electric leaf blower backpacks. An electric backpack leaf blower is a perfect choice for removing or collecting leaves and debris from your lawn, driveway, and porch. Let’s see some of an electric backpack leaf blower’s advantages.

  • Powered by an electric motor
  • Easy to start
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Need less maintenance
  • Quiet operation

A corded version needs an outlet to connect the plug so that you can run your machine. It is fade-free and highly powerful to do any messy situation.

On the other hand, a cordless model allows you to work anywhere you want because it doesn’t need any electricity. It runs on a battery. So the more powerful battery it would be, the more runtime you will get.

Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

Another powered backpack leaf blower is a gas-powered leaf blower. This type of blower runs on gasoline and provides brute force to complete any job. Clearing debris and leaves effectively or handling any mess is reliable to this gas powered engine. It is also suitable to work in large places. And yes, this kind of blower is quite efficient to run for a longer time and more frequently.

Some pros and cons of a gas-powered leaf blower backpack.

  • Good to work in large properties
  • Can handle tough jobs
  • Longer runtime
  • Manual pull start
  • Need enough physical strength to operate it
  • Needs to maintain properly

A gas-powered leaf blower needs to clean-up regularly its fan blades and carburetor. Flushing out old oil and checking the fuel line and filter is another concern. If anything goes wrong, repair them if necessary.

2. Air Flow / CFM Rating

Airflow plays an important role for a backpack blower. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) determines the volume of air produced by a leaf blower in a minute. So, the higher the CRM rating, the more powerfully it can push the leaves for the yard or lawn. You should know that blowers with high CFM have wider nozzles that enable to blow out large volumes of air.

However, you may see the options like 500 CFM or 600 CFM while you are going to buy a backpack leaf blower. To get the best performance, an airflow rating of 600 CFM would be the best choice. In addition, some backpack blowers offer a variable speed trigger option.

3. Air Speed / MPH Rating

Airspeed is determined by the air-flowing speed that is expelled from the leaf blower. The airspeed is measured by the unit called miles per hour (MPH). It means how potentially and powerfully a leaf blower can clean the area in less time. If the blowing speed is fast, the working time becomes less. This is why a backpack leaf blower with good airspeed will help you do the work faster than the blowers with less airspeed.

Generally, when we go to market, we find airspeed ratings as 150 MPH or 200 MPH while buying a backpack leaf blower. In this case, you should grab the one that has a 200 MPH rating for better performance. And yes, you can easily control and adjust the airspeed using a variable speed trigger.

4. Motor Power

The power of a motor is another important factor to consider to. The power rating of gas-powered leaf blowers are measured in either CC or HP. A capacity of 40 CC or 50 CC gas engine and engine power ratings of 2 HP or 3 HP in which 3 HP or the rating of 50 CC is obviously better than 2 HP in terms of performance.

Similarly, in terms of an electric backpack leaf blower, the battery voltage rating matters. A higher voltage will result in better performance.

5. Engine & Battery Type

After checking the motor power, now is the time to know about Engine & Battery Type. The gas-powered leaf blower backpack comes in two varieties of engines; 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The power of this gas backpack blower is measured in the CC unit. The 4-stroke engine variant is better than the 2-stroke model in terms of fuel efficiency. Besides, a 4-stroke engine is larger, powerful, heavier, efficient, and costly than a 2-stroke engine. A 2-stroke engine needs mixed oil to run which may be irritating for some users.

In contrast, a cordless leaf blower uses either lithium-ion (OR) nickel-cadmium battery to run the machine. In this case, which type of battery would you choose, right? Well, the lithium-ion battery is lightweight and smaller, whereas the nickel-cadmium battery of the same voltage is larger. Moreover, a lithium-ion battery tends to hold the charge for a longer time. Though a lithium-ion battery features great it is also more expensive than nickel-cadmium models.

6. Noise

High noise while operating a leaf blower can disturb neighbors and their surrounding people. This is why a low noise blower is always preferred. The noise rating is measured in decibels (dB). Higher decibels mean noisier. So, it is your duty to check the decibel rating before acquiring a leaf blower. Decibel ratings 60-75 would be a great choice.

Generally, gas powered blowers produce more noise than electric ones. It is observable that the engine with lower CC produces more noise if compared to the higher CC engines.

7. Battery Size / Tank

If the noise level is ok, you should look at the battery size for a cordless blower or the tank for a gas-powered blower. The higher voltage battery would be larger in size. The bigger tank would allow you to do the work for a longer time. So, for better productivity, you should choose a large battery size or a tank for a gas-powered leaf blower.

8. Weight

Consideration of the weight of a blower especially for a backpack leaf blower is important. A heavy-weight blower can reduce productivity and make you exhausted so soon. Gas-powered blowers tend to be heavy most of the time. Handheld blowers are lightweight and easy to handle. Gas-powered backpack blowers are enormously powerful and can handle any messy situation efficiently. While buying a backpack blower, consider the range of 10 – 30 pounds of weight and it would be wise.

9. Variable Speed

To control the blower, variable speed is the one you need. Speeding up the airflow where needed and speeding down makes the backpack blower amazing. It is good for heavy-duty or light-duty working. A variable speed won’t allow to damage the delicate plants. Again some dampened leaves need heavy blow to clean. So, choosing a backpack leaf blower with variable speed must be a perfect decision to make.

10. Cruise Control

Cruise control is another important factor to consider while buying a backpack blower. It works like cruise control in the car. During operation, once you reach your desired speed, you can lock the speed by turning on the cruise control feature. The cruise control helps the engine to stay at the same speed without holding the throttle during operation till you complete the job.

11. Anti-vibration Harness

We know gas-powered backpack leaf blower shakes more while running. To anticipate this vibration, an anti-vibration harness is worn on. If not put this harness on, your back and shoulder might be harmed in the long run. This is why you should pick the one which comes with this anti-vibration harness system.

12. Ergonomic Design

A backpack blower must have some ergonomic features. These features increase productivity and allow you to work comfortably. Just check some features before purchasing.

  • Well- padded shoulder straps and hip belts
  • Adjustable torso length
  • A harness with wide shoulder straps
  • Shoulder straps with proper ventilation
  • Cushioned back panel

These features can make a user happy. A long time working won’t exhaust him/ her. So, pick the blower that has this type of feature.

13. Nozzle

Backpack sprayers need nozzles and so do the backpack leaf blowers to achieve optimum output. In most cases, rounded nozzles suit best for blowing. You can use the flat one which is good for sweeping and blowing motions. Some high-end models come with interchangeable nozzles allowing users to switch from one to another. So, try to pick one with nozzles.

14. Air Filtration System

An air filter is needed in order to avoid the blower choking up in dusty conditions. A vacuum suction like a backpack vacuum does always have is truly needed. However, the backpack leaf blowers with at least two filters make them work best. Be alert about their size and capacity because the ampler they are, the more you will get blowing time. One more thing, make sure to clean these filters properly. They need maintenance.

15. Warranty

Warranty for a product is one of the most important considerable factors while buying a backpack leaf blower. Different models offer different periods of warranty. As warranty is quite useful, check the warranty duration from the blower manual or if needed contact the manufacturer to know the detail. Anyways, some models come with a 2-year warranty while others offer a 5-year long warranty. So, considering everything, choose the best one you like.

What Type Of Blower Should I Pick?

Well, don’t worry about it. First, consider the premises you would like to clean. Particularly, the size of your yard, lawn, driveways matter. If the areas are a long distance from the power station, you have to avoid an electric one. Then comes the gas-powered blower. A gas-powered blower needs a strong man to handle the messes. On the other hand, it produces brute force. So, if you can handle a gas-powered backpack leaf blower, it would be great.

backpack gas powered blower(How to Choose a Backpack Leaf Blower)
Gas-powered Backpack Blower

However, if you are comfortable with less power compared to the gas-powered blower, you are welcome to have a handheld blower. Handheld leaf blowers are the smallest and least powerful option. Besides, they are very affordable and lightweight. Additionally, a cordless leaf blower is able to provide optimal maneuverability.

Handheld blower
Handheld blower

And then leaves backpack blower. Considering all sides, a backpack leaf blower is ideal for any user. Lightweight and affordability make this blower most likable to the users. You can probably get almost all the advantages from a quality backpack leaf blower.

Brushless Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower
Backpack Blower

There is still one type of blower you may choose which is Walk-behind. This kind of blower is like a lawnmower. However, these walk-behind leaf blowers hold the most leaves and do some mulching function as well. They are more expensive and cannot be used as a leaf blower.

Leaf-Snow Blower Wheeled Walk Behind
Walk-behind leaf blower

So, pick the best types of blower that fill up your requirement and criteria.

What If I Don’t Find All The Features In One Backpack Blower?

which one to choose

You are right. You might not find all the factors discussed above in one backpack leaf blower. Then what will you do?

First of all, write down the requirements that you choose for a blower. Then, find some unavoidable points like power source, CFM rating, airspeed, motor power, noise level, battery size, ergonomic design, and warranty. These are truly so much important while buying a backpack leaf blower.

In case you don’t find those all in a blower, then try to decide what important factors you need to keep and what not. According to your yard’s size and other premises, you will have to come to a decision about which one you have to buy.

So use your own preference if you don’t find all the options in a blower.

Last Words

If you have read the whole article you may know now how to choose a backpack leaf blower. All the mentioned factors above are worth evaluating. Finding the best backpack leaf blower is not that easy, that’s why, and you can follow the steps and points to purchase a blower. So, you understand now what to consider when choosing the best leaf backpack blower. If you are careless, you may have to regret it later. Depending on your budget, requirement, and criteria, pick the best backpack blower.

Happy buying!

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