Longboard Sling or Backpack? – The Wise Pick-2023

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Sometimes we lose our wit especially when we get to choose one of the two best alternatives. Both of them might have strong advantages but it gets so difficult to choose one. Which one is perfect for me? Longboard Sling or Backpack? In that case, you must make a list of the pros and cons of the two alternatives and see which one is weightier? Besides, there are some other factors that you need to consider while deciding to choose one of them.

However, you must have a clear-cut conception about the twos, Longboard Sling and Backpack. Without any idea about them can lead you to an unwise decision. So naturally what we need to do first is clear the concept.

Anyways, you can acquire some knowledge about the longboard skateboard travel bag, and then it would be easier for you to take a final decision to pick the best one.

Main Purpose: Longboard Sling or Backpack

As you are going to buy one of them either Longboard Sling or Backpack but still undecided. Do you know why? Well, because you don’t know which ones have the best advantages and what are you going to do? So, first, decide for yourself- Longboard Sling or Backpack – what are you going to do with them. If you only want to carry the board, the longboard sling is ok but if you have anything to carry besides this one, your decision should turn to a backpack.

What is a Longboard Sling?

A sling means a flexible strap or belt that is used in the form of a loop to support or carry a hanging weight. So, a Longboard Sling is a strap or strap or a tenacious nylon rope that is used to raise or carry the Longboard around your chest and shoulder.

Longboard Sling

In another word, a Longboard Sling is a tenacious nylon rope with a comfort pad so that it doesn’t hurt on the back or anywhere that hangs loosely in a particular position.

You should know that a Longboard Sling is really very easy and comfortable to carry. However, it may loosen sometimes which occurs bothering and that is why use a stainless steel ring in order to make sure a tight fit between the rope and the truck.

In addition, this stainless steel ring helps you prevent the longboard from shifting excessively.

A Longboard Sling is so lightweight, hassle-free, and stylish to carry your board when necessary. And it is a matter of seconds to tie the board and you are a go.

Why is this Longboard Sling good for you?

First of all, a Longboard Sling is made of a tenacious nylon rope with a well-cushioned pad that you can attach to the trunks of your longboard. As it is abrasive resistant, it must be useful for the long haul with minimum wear and tear. Moreover, the foam pad helps to balance the pressure equally across your chest and shoulder and that’s a relief from hurting.

Additionally, if you are willing to use a stainless steel ring, it would be amazing because it establishes a tight fit between the rope and the trunk and restricts the excessive shifting of the board.

Besides, this Longboard Sling is good for me because there is a wide variety of slings out there and I can choose the one that fits me best. In case it doesn’t fit with me, I can make and customize it to my choice by doing DIY at home.

Pros of a Longboard Sling

  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap
  • Velcro adjustment for different board sizes
  • Easy clip on / clip off straps
  • Neoprene non-slip pad keeps board in place
  • The comfort pad helps to disseminate the pressure
  • The strap can be adjusted with anyone
  • Hands-free and no load on back
  • Very lightweight and small size
  • Perfect for Summer season
  • Cheaper and convenient

Cons of a Longboard Sling

  • Unable to take other essential items like books, water, snacks, etc.
  • Only one purpose- to carry the longboard
  • Not good for Winter season

A Longboard Sling can be chosen if the criteria and the purposes match with you. No hassle and no pain to keep somewhere secure. You can do whatever you want with this Longboard Sling. However, a longboard sling is great to use in Summer or high moisture season. As your back and shoulders are free, you tend to enjoy a nice ride.

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What is a Longboard Backpack?

A backpack is supposed to be a Rucksack or a Knapsack or a Bag or sometimes a Bookbag that is able to carry a lot of necessary stuff for different emergencies.  So, a Longboard Backpack is a backpack that can carry a longboard with it.

a Longboard Backpack on the back of a man

Simply, a Longboard Backpack has straps to tie it up so that it doesn’t fall down to the ground. Besides your most important items like mobile, wallet, keys, spectacles, snacks, water bottles, and even laptop, this Longboard Backpack can attach the board to the surface of the bag.

Anyways, Backpacks prove to be very helpful in case you intend for heavy or medium loading on your back. And yes, a Longboard Backpack is absolutely perfect for the Winter season because in the Summer season your back tends to sweat which leads to an uncomfortable situation.

Oh yes, besides the Winter season, a Rainy season is also the best for Longboard Backpack. You can carry a raincoat in it and other necessary items along with the food you need and it would be a very comfortable journey, I bet.

Why is this Longboard Backpack good for you?

The soft and well-padded comfortable back panel and shoulder straps are great to carry the load. The hip belt helps to distribute the balance evenly and that’s why even the heavy load isn’t a burden to carry.

In addition, after skating if I wish I can go camping or anywhere I wish because the necessary stuff all I need would be in the pack. So no worries. Though the price is a bit costly but to be truthful, it is worth it.

Due to the mesh side pockets, I can keep the water bottles and an umbrella if needed. In fact, a laptop chamber allows you to have your laptop while going out. So multi-functionality works with multi-purposes.

Pros of a Longboard Backpack

  • Made of quality materials
  • Sturdy straps to tie up board
  • Can pack a lot of necessary stuff
  • Used for multiple purposes
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good for Winter season
  • Evenly balance due to shoulder straps and hip-belts
  • You can go out for a day or two with this Longboard Backpack

Cons of a Longboard Backpack

  • A bit costly
  • Load on the back
  • Sometimes the longboard may fall off
  • Not good for Summer season

A Longboard Backpack has its advantages and disadvantages as well. This is not a bad idea if you have one.

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Longboard Sling vs Longboard Backpack

As it’s been mentioned before that both the Longboard Sling and Longboard Backpack have their strong advantages and slight disadvantages. And all the pros and cons of them have been already described earlier. So depending on your intention, you must choose the one you need. Longboard Sling vs Longboard Backpack- they are both great. You can have a try at the one you feel is suitable for you. To know more, click here.

So, Which One is For You- Longboard Sling or Backpack?

Now, if you have already read the whole article, you may have decided already. Nevertheless, if you couldn’t have taken a decision that which one you should buy, you must have prepared the list of pros and cons of the two alternatives.

Now, the important questions about Longboard Sling or Backpack for you are-

  1. Do you have a single purpose or multipurpose?
  2. Do you want to carry a load or not?
  3. Intend to go for a skating or others?
  4. Want to go to school after skating?
  5. Do you get dehydrated frequently?
  6. Any plan on staying hotel or camping with friends?

Well, I hope, if you are able to answer these questions, the decisive answer will automatically come out.

Final Words

Longboard Sling vs Longboard Backpack or Longboard Sling or Backpack- which one is better? The real question is which one do you need. And to answer this question, answer the question in the above paragraph. To be truthful, if you can answer those questions, the exact one you can sort out.

As both of them have pros and cons, you can choose depending on your necessities, purposes, and intention. I hope, you can get the best decision for you.

So what do you think now? Longboard Sling or Backpack? Which one are you going to buy?

Happy Longboarding!