500D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester

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Nylon, polyester, and Cordura fabrics are, though they are synthetic or artificial, very essential in our daily life. We use these synthetic fabrics knowingly or unknowingly every day in different places. There are a lot of differences in different kinds of nylon, Cordura, and polyester. Now, let’s know about the differences among 500D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester. Besides these, we will know more about kinds and categories in detail.

Polyester is a kind of polymer that consists of the ester functional team of their major chain which is chemically constructed from a mixture of a minimum of 85% through the weight of the ester and the others are dihydric alcohol plus a terephthalic acid.

How is an ester made? The easy and simple answer is it is a kind of reaction alcohol with a carboxylic acid.

However, the source of creation of this nylon, polyester, and Cordura fibers are from a particular material which is normally known as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Anyways, these fabrics are widely used in our daily life in various perspectives such as suits, conveyor belt fabrics, safety belts, furnishing, swimming costume, net, sportswear, and so on. 600D Polyester is used for some specific purposes such as making range backpacks, heavy-duty backpacks, and many many others.

To be truthful 600D polyester is a big embranchment in the polyester group and due to maintaining a great role in some important sectors, it is very popular to the people.

Now, let’s see the differences among 500D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester in detail.

500D Nylon

We are not going to discuss here about the history and background of nylon. But if you really want to know about Nylon a very detailed discussion, you can read this –   what is nylon and how it is constructed of? We will try to show the comparison nylon against cordura and polyester. To do it, let’s describe some special features, characteristics, and good sides of nylon.

Nylon Fabric

Best Features of 500D Nylon Fabric


One of the best features of 500D nylon fabric is durability. It doesn’t easily rip or tear off. On the other hand, this fabric is amazingly lightweight and has interwovening ripstop reinforcement strands in the crosshatch pattern. Besides, the material is compatible with different colors, sizes, and thickness. Overall, due to synthetic structure, the 500D nylon fabric is ripstop and durable to use.

However, ripstop nylon can be waterproof, water resistant, and fire resistant. So, the demand in using this fabric is increasing day by day.

Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic nylon is, to be truthful, tough, dense, and strong fabric with several usages. This 500D nylon ballistic fabric was created by the DuPont Company. They started making Flak Jackets for the Second World War airmen. The name ‘Ballistic’ was used because this nylon fabric can protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet and artillery-shell impacts.

If you want to know the history of first ballistic nylon, well then, I am making it long history short. The first ballistic nylon was an 18 ounce nylon fabric that was made from 1050 denier nylon yarn in a 2*2 basketweave.

1000D Cordura

Anyone who deals with threads or fabrics knows about Cordura fabric. If you want the strongest and super durable fabric, I bet, Cordura is the one you are looking for. Besides, it is well-known for its durability and abrasion resistance. There is nothing to tell new about this fabric. You may know, Cordura is used for rugged products because it is super abrasive resistance.

cordura (500D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester)
Cordura Fabric

Best Features of 1000D Cordura Fabric

Cordura 1000D fiber has a great strength and it depends on the density of the thread. And the density is dependent on Denier. In this case, the denser the denier be, the thicker the yarn be. So, the better the denier is, the strong and durable the fabric be.

However, Cordura fiber ranges from 30 denier to 2,000 denier. It means the durability and strength of the fabric allows you to rely on to a whole new range of products such as Duffel bags to boots as well as functional garments.

How Durable Cordura 1000D Fiber Is?

I am going to make you understand how it is more durable that nylon and polyester. Well, keeping the same weight, Cordura Fabric is –

  • Twice as durable as standard nylon fabric
  • Three times as durable as standard polyester fabric, and
  • Ten times as durable as cotton canvas fabrics

This simple example and real math helps you understand that it doesn’t matter how lighter the Cordura is, it provides the same durability as heavier standard nylon, polyester or cotton canvas fabrics. This kind of heavy-duty materials are mainly used in the world’s leading military forces to make their products such as Military grade and heavy-duty backpacks and other gadgets and accessories.

Now, let’s talk about 500d cordura. Well, you will be happy to know that 500d cordura fabric is designed for longer lasting. This fiber is made with high tenacity air jet textured nylon 6,6 filament yarns. Apart from 1000d cordura, this 500d cordura is great to abrasion resistance and anti-tear. Well-coating and lamination can make it water repellent.

Cordura 1000D Fiber Field of Usages

The Cordura 1000D Fiber is used mostly in bags, backpacks, luggage, accessories, heavy-duty products, and military equipment purposes. Cordura fabric is truly admired for its excellent quality and fantastic performance in any field where it is used.

600D Polyester

Polyester is one of the most widely used fabrics all over the world. Due to its durability and low production cost, polyester fabric is well-known to all.

polyester fabrics
Polyester fabric

However, we are talking here about 600D polyester. You many know that polyester fabric is either lighter or thicker depends on Denier which categorises many kinds of polyester fabric such as 600D, 300D,400D,500D,210D, and many more.

In this case 210D, 300D, 400D are lighter than 1080D, 1680d, 1800D, and so on. If you read about the various kinds of Deniers and threads, you will understand very well.

Now we will see some kinds of (D-denier) polyester.

600D Polyester with PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the best factors to make durable the fabric. 600D polyester with PVC coating makes the fabric more durable and stronger. Besides this, it increases a good level of thermostability, elasticity, and scalability. In addition, this fabric is resistant to corrosion by acid and alkali.

600d x 600d Polyester

Is it new to you? Don’t you understand what 600d x 600d polyester is? Don’t worry, it is one of the kinds of polyester fabrics. Anyway, 600d x 600d polyester fabric is made by two handfuls of 600 denier yarn weaved from longitude and latitude direction.

Here is the difference between 600d x 600d polyester and 600d x 300d polyester. You will understand the feel by touching the hardness and density.

300D Polyester

It is obvious that 300D polyester is half the Denier of 600D polyester. However, it is a lightweight fabric which is why, this is so soft. Besides this, 300d polyester fabric is water resistant.

600D vs 300D Polyester

600D polyester can be used in many mid-range to heavy-duty purposes while 300D polyester is well-suited for air ducts, x-ray aprons, ad banners, red flags, photograph background lighting, tradeshow booth advertising, portable movie screens, and so on.

600D vs 900D Polyester

In this case, 600D polyester has a lower denier than 900D polyester. This is why, the strength, durability, weight, and abrasion resistance of 600d are lower than 900d polyester fabrics. 900D polyester fabric is usually used in some heavy-duty backpacks, rugs, and luggage.

600D vs 400D Polyester

Maintaining the usual rule, 400d fabric is less dense than 600d polyester fabric. For this reason, 400d is practically softer and thinner than 600d fabrics.

600D vs 210D Polyester

As the density level of denier in 210d polyester is lower than 600d polyester, 210d polyester is soft, very thin, and less durable than 600d polyester. With the help of 210D, we can make our car cover, drawstring bags, ads apron, and so on. And yes, remember that as 210d polyester fabric is not as good as 400d or 600d polyester, it needs to be dealt with meticulously.

What Are the Differences between Polyester vs Nylon?

Though the constructional procedure is the same, the materials vary and that is why, there are some differences in between them. However, do you know the differences between nylon and polyester fabric in detail? Don’t worry, you will shortly know about it.

Strength and Smoothness

In terms of strength and smoothness, nylon is stronger and smoother than polyester especially when compared to the 600D and the 1680D nylon are stretched. You must observe nylon fabrics are more durable and maintain their strength than polyester fabrics. Due to partly water absorbency nylon lasts long.

However, though the nylon and polyester have the same strength to size ratio, for example, 1680 D, where nylon is way stronger than polyester. Besides, when 500 D nylon is compared to 600D polyester, the result is nylon is still 1.4 times stronger than polyester. Undeniably, nylon is stronger as well as smoother than polyester fabrics.

Colorfastness and Stretchability

While it is colorfastness, polyester would be ahead of nylon. As we know nylon absorbs water, the color fades faster than the water-resistant polyester. On the other hand, polyester fabric has higher color fastness ability to absorb the color. At the time of dyeing, polyester fibers bond correctly and eliminate the water at the same time while nylon can’t. That’s why, polyester fabrics are likable and suitable for outdoor purposes.

Moreover, nylon is more stretchable than polyester and is prone to piling. Nylon sometimes form fuzzy balls at the seams. On the other hand, polyester doesn’t stretch when temperature is high and this makes polyester suitable for outdoor gears.

Abrasion Resistance

It is that we know fabrics with higher linear mass density are more resistant to abrasion. How it is? Well, the fibers hold up so strong and then it will not be easy to penetrate the fabrics.

In this case, nylon is way better than polyester. Then the question is how it is better than polyester? Well, at 25600 cycles, it is obviously clear that 500D nylon still trying to progress better compared to 600D polyester.

Besides, nylon is used for military and other rough terrain gear because of its super durability and lightweight features. Polyester, however, is ideal for various kinds of backpacks.

Cordura vs Ballistic Nylon

Generally we believe Cordura is always stronger than nylon. But the notion is not always true. You may already know about 1050D bulky weave yarn. And yes, if the nylon fabric is made of 1050D, it becomes so dense and ballistic nylon and this is how this nylon can exceed cordura.

However, the mentioned ballistic nylon has higher tensile strength. Besides, it is tear-resistance because this nylon consists of several fabric layers. Still, cordura maintains its level of superiority when we talk about abrasion resistance.

1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester

Cordura and polyester are both synthetic fabrics. If we want to juxtapose 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester, we need to focus some points. Let’s do that.

Fabric Strength

First of all, Cordura fabric has become the symbol of sturdiness and strength. The 1000D Cordura, however, is the best quality fabric in the world.  This fiber is great to users. On the other hand, Polyester is certainly not as stronger as cordura. But yes 600D Polyester is great to produce stronger backpacks, pants, skirts, shirts, other dresses, and so on.

Printing Colorfastness

The 1000D Cordura nylon results better due to its pigment printed in place of transfer printed. This may not look great but it is true that this can be far better resistant to the sunlight`s Ultra violet rays than the transfer printed polyester will. On the other hand, the 600D Polyester is transfer printed and it fades faster in direct sun rays.


Both of the fabrics are artificial and they are processed durable waterproof treatment. This helps to make them resistant against mildew and mold. Speaking of cleanability, both the fabrics 1000d cordura and 600d polyester are easy to clean. But, it is true that the 600d polyester is ahead of cordura due to its slicker surface. In this case, polyester exceeds cordura.

500D Cordura vs 600D Polyester

Leaving 1000D cordura, in this point we are going to present some data of 500d cordura vs 600d polyester that may help you. If you are confused which one is more durable and stronger, the below chart will remove your vagueness.

Properties500D Cordura600D Poyester
Strength/ durability53.5
Colorfastness to light42
Print quality3.55
Water repellency54

From this table you now can judge yourself which one actually good is! Cordura is always better than any synthetic fabrics.

Last Words

500D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura vs 600D Polyester is a burning question amongst people that which one is better on which sides and such kinds of lot of questions. However, I have tried to quench all your question answers here and you will find the best result. In addition, if you have more questions, you can read more articles from other sources. Read more, know more.