9 Best Range Backpacks and Review Guide 2021


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Shooting? Yes, it is a kind of addictive hobby for someone. Range backpacks are the solution to that hobby.

If you want to shoot, you just need a range bag. Every bag has a different structural system and surely range backpacks are made depending on some special criteria.

But what we usually confuse is choosing a perfect bag for us. And sometimes it is not that easy.

As you are here, I think you are looking for a range backpack and I can assure you that you can have at least the basic ideas about them from here.

The best range backpacks should be spacious inside enough to accommodate necessary items like medications and related gears. As different compartments of different sizes of bags can be found so that you can have a one which fits you perfectly.

Now let’s discuss the bags.

9 Best Gun Range Backpack Review

How did you end up with this such a shortlist is certainly a very logical and relevant question. Yes, we have researched these products in the market for a long time and then analyzed ins and out of its pros and cons. Every material used in these bags has been looked into carefully and at last, we came to a decision that could be the best ones.

In addition, we took consideration of what people usually expect from a tactical range bag. Customers’ feedback evaluation is another step to come up with this shortlisting. So this 9 best shooting backpack is worth a try.

1. G.P.S Tactical Range Backpack

G.P.S. Tactical best Range Backpacks

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GPS Tactical range backpack is certainly a great tactical performance range backpack.

Let’s talk about its construction. There are separate compartments for keeping stuff separated. It has a separate chamber for four handguns. The main compartment of this bag privileges enormous space inside it for keeping your ammunition and other necessary gears. Besides it, there are two entrance pockets to hold your most needed things like pens, phones, flashlights and others too.

Inside the bag, there is a foam cradle to protect your valuables. The compartments, pockets, and other chambers are perfectly designed for your guns and ammunition. This shooter range bag is larger than a regular size range bag and thus it can carry almost everything that you need to carry to your destination. The separate compartments help you to find your stuff in a flash once you keep your items in the right place.

Now the straps. Unlike other bags, the side straps are incredibly strong and comfortable. As the sturdy nylon is super, it assures the durability and longevity of this great range bag.

Typically when you have a major range pack, odds are there that you effectively chaos up with the things that you are conveying. As a standout amongst other shooting extent knapsack, this GPS strategic range rucksack has been intended to dodge this hopelessness however much as could reasonably be expected.

This powerful, valuable, and oversimplified range pack merits its place to be extraordinary compared to other weapon range knapsack, but there are still a few sections they could be improved. If you convey a bigger gun, that probably won’t fit appropriately.

The straps are ineffectively structured and could be of much better quality. The size of this range sack may appear to be an inconvenience. Since the greater the pack is, the more you will get a kick out of the chance to fill, and the heavier it will be to convey. Those are not many disadvantages, yet no major issues.

Every product has pros and cons. Let’s see some good and drawbacks of this range bag.

  • Triple stitched MOLLE webbing system
  • Internal honeycomb frame
  • Padded weight straps for enhanced stability
  • Made with high denier nylon
  • Separate Compartments for ears, eye and cleaning equipment
  • Some people have an opinion like that it is a bit bulky
  • Shoulder strap could be a bit bigger

2. Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

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In terms of quality and so much organized chambers, the explorer Tactical Range Bag is second to none in the industry. This tactical range bag is one of the best gun range backpacks in the market. It is greatly known for its awesome functionality and its durability as well.

When anybody carries a heavy bag, he must notify the shoulder straps because if it is not comfortable, it will be so hard for him to carry for a long distance. In this case, the shoulder straps of this heavy-duty range bag are amazingly great and padded for comfort.

This shooter range bag has a specialty is that it has lock-in every chamber for your own good and security of your valuables. As a result, it is certain that it can bear a heavy load and the longevity is amazing. Then who denies it is one of the best range backpacks?

You will be glad to hear that this bag has 11 different magazine pouches in total in which 4 of them are in the rear compartment and the rest 7 are in the front compartment. This is awesome, isn’t it?


Functionality and performance have made this bag unique. The 600-denier nylon has been used here to make it stronger. So you can use it for a long time without any trouble. The general cushioning and the extra plastic at the base guarantee the adaptability of the range pack.

Customers’ Feedback

The overall customer’s feedback is positive. There we found very few negative feedback that is too minor to mention. And yes, the negative comments were on some specific unit of the product. If you are really searching for a range bag, this bag will be a great fit for you.

  • Strong 600-denier polyester construction for durability
  • Features seven magazine pouches in front compartments and four pouches in the rear
  • Customizable main compartment with removable and adjustable inner partition
  • Comes with 2 zipper handgun pouches
  • According to some of the customers, the Zipper is not strong enough

If you want, you can check some standard backpacks here too.

All the backpacks of the above are really amazing and fantastic. You can choose any of them because they are quality bags.

3. Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer

Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer

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If you really are searching for an explorer range bag that has a perfect balance of space and multi-functionality, this Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer is the exact one that you are having in your mind.

Since this bag has been an upgraded version, with its new features, the construction is of 100% polyester. So the durability is superb. Truth be told, it is one of the best range backpacks.

The padded straps are so comfortable that it brings stability in carrying things. The straps being wider than regular designs, this bag has 8 perfect adjustable and removable compartments which help to keep stuff separately as you like.

The main compartment will certainly make you satisfy by accommodating everything you need. You can carry easily this bag thinking this is standard not being too big or bulky.

The padded pockets are so secured providing safety to the items like ammunition, guns, and other sensitive stuff that you are carrying with you. The main advantage is you can organize all of your items and gears in a separate compartment which will help you find things in just a fraction of a second.

In addition, the shoulder straps are good enough to distribute the weight evenly on your body. It is padded for comfort and if you want to hide the cover inside it, you can.

Everyone wants the protection of their stuff. And that’s why the modular design is so popular among the user because this one has a wooden plate just at the bottom of it to protect your valuables.

Customers’ feedback is overall good but few of them complained about the straps. They say the straps could be stronger.

It is noticeable that when the bag is full, it seems a bit heavy to carry. If the straps were stronger and perfect, this little problem wouldn’t happen. Except for this minor complaint, this is the perfect tactical rang backpack for you.

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Includes 8 different adjustable and removable compartment
  • 9 pockets at both side with 6 clip holder
  • 3-liter water bladder compartment
  • Rubber support at the bottom
  • Weight distribution strap at the top
  • Small shoulder straps

4. 5.11 Tactical Range Bag


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To choose a perfect gun range backpack is not an easy task. There are hundreds of bags in the market to pick one. But for the best tactical range bag, you must need to analyze a bit. You need to consider all of the major sides to have one.

5.11 Tactical Range Bag is one of the likable backpacks for the range bag users. This can help them with their functionality.

Now, let’s at first discuss the construction of this bag. 600D polyester has been used here to protect from all the bad weather. These are the best range backpacks nicely designed and the impressive bags that are quite strong and durable.

This best budget range bag has been decorated with a dual-zipper top flap that opens up space with two vertical storage spaces. Confidently saying, there is fine enough space inside the compartments to keep your handguns and other stuff. You will find there 8 magazine pockets too.

As it’s been said, the durable polyester has been used in it so, undoubtedly, this bag will serve you without any trouble in any inconvenient weather for a quite long time.

Furthermore, the side pockets are used for your most necessary things like optics, keys, wallets, and some others. The padded straps are also included there to carry the range bags but you can, of course, remove it if you want to.


You certainly will not disappoint in using this 5.11 tactical range bag. A user’s much-needed support has been provided with this range bag, as a result, this is still one of the favorite range bags in the market.

Now thinking about the customer’s feedback? Yes! That’s ok. It has been seen that 99% of the customers are very happy with having this bag and the performance of this bag. So if you are looking for the best range backpacks at a reasonable price, you can consider this bag. You won’t regret it for sure.

  • 600D polyester construction for durability
  • Segregated and padded storage for multiple pistols
  • 8 magazine stores
  • Features integrated hydration storage
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handles
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • Removable ammo and brass totes for an easy cleanup
  • Some of the users are not satisfied with the zippers

5. G.P.S Handgunner Backpack

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

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The best range backpacks are certainly quite difficult to choose because you have to be careful about almost all of the features and most importantly, you have to be certain that whether this bag is fulfilling your expectations or not. A range bag means there is a lot of unavoidable stuff that you must have to carry which is really challenging to accommodate all of them properly in the bag.

The overall construction of this range bag is satisfactory though it’s not completely water-resistant it is a matter of joy that, to make this problem over, this bag has come with a waterproof raincoat. Wow! How nice. So when you feel you need to save your bag from any inconvenient weather, you must can. No need to worry about this anymore. You can hide it when you don’t need it.

One of the most important features in any best range backpacks is foam cradle. Here the foam cradle is impressive enough to hold four handguns. You can unfasten the lower front compartment and afterward slide the support out for simple access to the arms. Each pocket is set suitably.

There are pockets for earplugs, shooting glasses, and others. The manufacturers thought about handy using and thus they indicated this as the “Visual ID System”. This system directs you what you need to put which pocket. Interesting, right?

Now come to the straps. The straps are good but as a usual result that it could be stronger. On the other hand, if you want to carry a larger revolver, the bag will not fit it.

Besides these minor issues of the best range backpacks, this best gun range backpack can be your best choice to have it because it will bring you great value.

  • Stiff, sturdy and thick construction
  • Accommodation for 4 handguns in a vertical position
  • 12 extra magazine spot
  • Impressive foam cradle
  • Side straps are comfortable and stable
  • Large revolver will not fit
  • Straps could be stronger

6. Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

If you truly are looking for an ultralight backpack, here it is. This range bag provides an excellent offer which is a lifetime warranty for the user. Is not it great? Nevertheless, in case you don’t like this range bag, you can return it, according to the manufacturer. It is very simple that if the manufacturer produces quality products, they have confidence in their product and this is how they dare to promise the lifetime warranty.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

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600D ballistic nylon has been used in this Osage river tactical range bag so you easily can understand that the bag is meant for durability and longevity. Unlike almost all range bags, this one has a large and heavy-duty zipper and the bag itself is strong and ultralight.

Space enough inside it??? Yes, of course, satisfactory. The chambers are spacious enough to accommodate your gears and you will have padded pistol pouches for your added safety.

In addition, this bag is equipped with 5 external zippered pockets and 2 large pockets offer a magazine, ammunition, and accessory storage. There are 9 storage compartments that are vertically divided and adjustable so that you can organize your stuff according to your needs.

Now the shoulder straps and carry handle. These are quite handy, comfortable, and impressive too.

Customers’ feedback is important too as well. It has been seen that almost 98% of the users have a highly positive review and reference to have one if needed. This unique bag is really worth buying.

  • 600D ballistic nylon construction
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • 9 compartments to accommodate the gears and items
  • Durable yet very lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zipper at top closure needs to be bigger

Remember, Osage River Tactical Shooting Range Backpack is one of the perfect and best range backpacks. This one is worth a shot.

7. Explorer Tactical Range Backpack

Explorer Tactical Range Backpack

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The Explorer Tactical Range Backpack is a range bag that offers huge space to accommodate your stuff.

The first thing we think about a bag that will my items be covered by the given space in the bag? And the answer is yes. It has a separate chamber for different items to keep in. The 600D nylon construction has made this best range backpacks durable and strong.

Inside it, you will find space for handguns and magazines. They all are well padded to provide your safety. Water bladder storage is available if you need one.

The exterior pockets are zip-lockable which is great to keep your gears and accessories safe. Though it is not completely waterproof, it provides a raincoat to protect your bag from inconvenient weather and sudden rain.

Besides some drawbacks like the poor zippers, this tactical performance bag is totally perfect for you. This poor zipper is not a deal-breaker though! With this reasonable price, you are getting this super range bag which is really admirable. Think about it that compared to your price, this bag will bring you much more value.

  • Strong 600D nylon construction
  • Zippered exterior pockets for additional gears
  • 3-liter water bladder compartment at the back
  • Internal handgun and magazine storage
  • Rigid and lockable compartment
  • Upperside pocket is too small
  • Velcro placement makes it difficult to use

8. Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal Tactical Range Bag-SEMA 19L

Savior Equipment Mobile Arsenal Tactical Range Bag-SEMA 19L

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This heavy-duty backpack is one of the best and outstanding backpacks for range shooters. Many of us don’t like bulky and heavy and there you are in the right place. This arsenal tactical range bag is lighter and smaller than other range bags.

This tactical range bag is made with 600D PVC shell which ensures your durability and longevity. The reinforced handgun compartment frame is for your added protection. Heavy-duty use is what you expect from this one.

Separate compartments and unlimited rooms have made this best range backpacks really demandable. The exterior chamber is so useful for your stuff. You will be happy to know that there are separate and additional pockets and organizers for keeping your ammo, safety glasses, ear muffs, and others.

The firearm compartment has been designed completely separately with lockable zippers so that your prime concern of safety is perfectly ensured.

Savior pays you an unquestioned lifetime warranty. If you don’t like it, you can return it too. How amazing!

9. NiceAndGreat Tactical Rapid Access Gun Range Bags

NiceAndGreat Tactical Rapid Access Gun Range Bags

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To choose a perfect shooting range backpack, you must consider a few things. Safety among them is the main one. The tactical backpack should be comfortable and adjustable to the body. In my point of view, this bag will bring your satisfaction.

This tactical bag is constructed with 900D polyester nylon which is water-resistant. So any kind of bad weather can be handled.

This bag has curved adjustable back straps with padded back support which will make you comfortable and relaxed. Unlike most of the range bag, this tactical bag contains heavy-duty zippers.

This tactical shooting range backpack has 5 individual handgun pouches for keeping your pistols and ammo. All the pouches are extra padded to protect your pistol. This rugged bag has ample storage to keep your guns, accessories, and others. It is also mentioned that there are 10 compartments and 12 total handgun mag holders in this bag. You will have double lockable zippers for your added safety. And thus you can keep yourself organized for the range.

The multi-functional backpack provides you extra comfort. This bag is equipped with a rain cover too to protect from sudden rain. You can hike, camp, and travel with this exclusive backpack.

And yes, some good news is that considering the users’ review, NiceAndGreat has improved some updates that will enhance durability than the previous ones and some new models have arrived. That’s fantastic!

Customers’ feedback about this tactical bag is almost 100% extremely positive. They find hardly lacking for this backpack.

  • 900D polyester nylon material
  • Water-resistant and an added raincoat with it
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Multi-functional
  • 10 compartments and 12 total handgun mag holders
  • Adjustable back straps
  • It should have been a hip belt

Important points to choose the best gun range bag

You hopefully have read all of the above-mentioned bags that you want to buy. But here I want to add something that can help you more. Though it’s mentioned earlier, I am going to remind you again because you may have forgotten and it is really important to consider these points while deciding a range bag.

Budget vs Quality

You should keep in mind that the more money you are willing to spend, the better and premium bag you can get. So this though everybody knows should be taken care of at the time of making the final decision.


The budget is the prime factor to buy which product I am going to buy. At the very first we draw our budget line and then jump for the purchase. Sometimes we cannot buy our desired product due to our limited budget.

If the bag is not intensely urgent, you can buy the bag a bit later so that you can purchase your likable desired branded bag and you will be 100% happy with it.

One great advice is never to try to compromise the quality if your budget is flexible.


What is the most important factor when you are going to buy a product? Yes, you must find how and what ways this product will be beneficial to you. This is really a very critical issue.

The range bag must have all the features that you need. What polyester has been used to the bag? Is it water-resistant? Are the zippers stronger? Does it come with a separate compartment or not? How are the shoulder straps? Has the bag enough space inside it?

Look all of the questions are relevant and logical. When you will purchase a bag, you must find comfort and satisfaction with its features, right? Then you must consider these things just before you buy one.


constructional form or the design of a tactical bag is certainly different from a regular bag. You need to carry handguns or pistols for shooting and thus the chamber of the pistols should be secured so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Sometimes bad occurrences may happen due to bad design. So the gun pockets must be well padded. The compartments should also be padded for additional security.


Size does matter. If you want to put a lot of things in your range bag, you must need a lot of space to cover all the stuff up. Then the bigger the size is, the tougher to carry. And thus it is to make the wise decision what size will it be preferable to you.

The gun you will carry in the bag will also depend on the size of the bag. For the range bag, the comportments should be separated and organized so that your safety is ensured. So according to your needs, you should give priority to that factor.


How much time will it last long is also a matter of concern. Anyway, this is natural. As we are talking about range bags, these bags are used roughly and dragged from place to place. For this reason, range backpacks should be sturdy and durable.

Before purchasing one, you must look into the bag that whether it has been used polyester, nylon or what canvas, or tendering part has to be reinforced stitching or not. Brand products are a bit costlier than the normal ones but keep in mind they are always strong, durable, and tough.

Want to look for more Backpacks? Here it is.

Last words:

After analyzing and studying this whole article, which one you are going to buy is just up to you. Here is no interference. You are here alone to take the right decision for you. The look is something you cannot ignore and it also plays an important role too. But please do remember one thing, if you buy something that is not right for you, you must begrudge a lot for the wrong one in the long run. You will then think I could buy a branded or perfect one after a bit later when my budget would be flexible. So think deeply before buying one.

A gun range bag is not cheap like a pen that you can buy very frequently. So taking a wise decision would be difficult if you are not that rich. Again, why are you going to buy this range bag? Are you a regular shooter or an intense shooter? Do you go frequently for shooting or once in a year? What kind of environment you are going to face out there and how will be the use; rough or meticulous? All of the questions are definitely involved in purchasing the best range backpack for you. So decide wisely.

Happy shopping and shooting!


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