Can You Wash a North Face Backpack

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North face backpack is very favorite to all ages of people. From school-going children to adults, everyone likes this backpack. The ergonomic design, aesthetic beauty, structure, quality, and durability make the north face backpack awesome. Once you have one, you must learn how to protect and clean it. In this article, I will cover some important topics about North Face Backpacks. The main question stands – can you wash a north face backpack or not. If you don’t know much about it, let’s walk with us.

‘North Face’ is one of the best brands’ names of backpacks. You might own a north face backpack but keeping it clean with proper maintenance is much more difficult. However, a lot of users ask about this question – can I wash my north face backpack? So, if you want to know how to wash a north face backpack in an effective way, you need to study more. I suggest you read that article on the washing guide of a north face backpack first. You will already know better.

Can You Wash A North Face Backpack

According to the backpack product care guide – “The best way to clean our backpacks is to spot clean with a damp cloth, then let it air dry. We do not recommend fully submerging our backpacks in water.”

So, we do understand that washing a backpack is highly discouraged. But sometimes our backpacks may have some stubborn stain that is needed to be removed or else, it looks really ugly. So, if you must, you can wash your north face backpack by following some steps.

Do you want to follow the north face washing instructions? Well, then hard washing such as machine wash and chemical wash is risky to ruin your valuable bag. The manufacturer’s side never suggests washing your bag. But, there is still a but there. If you don’t have any other way but wash your bag, and if you must, you can proceed to wash your north face backpack just by following some important instructions.

How to Clean a North Face Backpack

Rubbing with Sponge

Cleaning a north face backpack is super easy if you follow a few steps. At this stage, cleaning is not washing. The bag must be cleaned keeping it dry (without drowning the bag fully underwater). So what would be the north face washing instructions to clean a north face backpack?

First of all, you need to remove all the items from your bag.

Now, arrange some requirements to clean your backpack.

You will primarily need

  • A baby shampoo
  • Sponge/ soft towel
  • Dust-removing brush/ toothbrush
  • Waterproofing spray
  • Zipper lubricant

Brush the exterior and interior parts in order to remove dirt, dust, and normal spots on them. If it doesn’t work, use a little baby shampoo and rub it off with a sponge or soft towel. You can use the toothbrush or dust-removing brush to the chain line and shrunk places. Using a little water on it would be great to clean nicely.

After cleaning your bag, use waterproofing spray to keep your bag shiny, protected, and in good condition. And lastly, don’t forget to use zipper lubricant to keep the zippers smooth and easy. Make sure you applied it on every zipper. The zippers would be rust-free and perfect.

Now, let your north face backpack hang for a day, and then start using it.

How to Hand Wash a Backpack

Backpack in water

If your north face backpack is filthy and has dust in the crevices or a stubborn stain on your ash-colored backpack, a hand wash is required. Do you know how to hand wash your backpack? Well, I am going to cover those points here.

First, clear out everything that you have inside or outside of the bag. leave even no small items in it.

Now put the backpack in a big sink or a bathtub. Use the soft bristle brush to scrub the crumbs and dust from the surface and inside of the bag. The crevices are important to clean too. If the brush doesn’t work, you can use a handheld vacuum. I hope you know how to use a vacuum cleaner. After the cleaning with a brush or vacuum, now is the time to remove the stain if any. If there are no stains on your bag, it would be great.

Now, use baby shampoo or bleach-free detergent or cleaner with little water to clean out the dust and mud. At this stage, no need to bury your bag underwater fully because you just need to clean. Rub the bag with a brush and wash with fresh water. Rinse again and repeat the process unless you are satisfied.

You can use adequate fresh water to clean the bubble and wash it until the remaining soapy residue is completely gone. Now, let your backpack hang with a hanger upside down for a day or more so that the water drifts down.

When your bag dries perfectly, use a waterproofing spray on the bag’s surface and Zipper lubricant on every zipper to work them properly and smoothly.

Now your favorite backpack is ready to use again.

Can You Put a Backpack in the Wash

Despite ignoring the advice from the manufacturer’s side, if you must, yes you can put a backpack in the wash. Can you wash a north face backpack? Or can I wash a north face backpack in the washer? The answer remains similar for any kind of backpack if you are really desperate to wash your backpack.

How to Machine Wash a Backpack

putting backpack in a pillow case
Backpack inserting into a pillow cover

You have to do this work step by step. Messing up in a disorganizing way can potentially damage your north face backpack. Then you will never ask – can I wash a north face backpack? To avoid such unexpected occurrences you need to be careful at every step. Well, let’s get started on how to machine wash a backpack.

Let’s follow the steps-

  1. Remove all items from inside and outside of the bag
  2. Clean the backpack gently with a brush or a towel
  3. Put the bag in a pillow cover to avoid any damage of your bag
  4. Put some detergent (not bleach) proportionating the water
  5. Set the timer of the washing machine
  6. Put the bag in the machine and turn the switch on to run
  7. Pull it out after the machine stops
  8. Let the bag hang on a hanger
  9. Wait until the bag dries well
  10. Time to reuse now

These pretty simple steps must have to follow to make your backpack machine wash. So, if the question is – can I wash a north face backpack in the washer? The answer is pretty obvious, yes you can only follow the guide.

North Face Washing Instructions

The north face backpack company always instructs not to machine wash or chemical like detergent wash your backpack. It may have the chance to get your backpack damaged while cleaning. To avoid any unexpected happening, do not wash your backpack. If you are unavoidably required to wash your bag, follow the north face washing instructions. You should also follow the steps on how to machine wash your backpack. So, following the north face washing instructions you can successfully wash your favorite north face backpack.

How to Clean a Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks have become popular at sporting events and concerts – and even in some schools. In cold weather, a clear backpack that is made of clear plastic can easily get foggy and grimy. However, the method is not that different from cleaning other styles.

Step 1: Clear out every item as well as dust and debris

Before start, the processing, remove everything from the inside the bag. Empty out the backpack completely. You can now try a comb or vacuum cleaner to clean crumbs and stray hairs.

Step 2: Use tepid soapy water with laundry detergent first

Take your bag in a big sink and use tepid water. Mix some detergent and try to rub it off with a soft towel to clear the bag. Rinse thoroughly to clear out the grime. After clearing the bag, use a clean, dry rag to let it dry. And leave it to air dry for better performance.

Step 3: Try some non-acetone nail polish remover

If your clear backpack still remains in the same condition, you can listen to the clear backpack manufacturers’ suggestions. They recommend using non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton pad. Well, how to clean a clear backpack with this non-acetone nail polish remover? It is an easy process. Just rub it on the exterior and interior of the clear backpack and then wipe clean with a clean, fresh, and soft cotton pad or towel.

This is how you can clean your clear backpack. Use this method and hopefully you can have effective results.

Can You Dry a North Face Backpack

Well, if you wash a north face backpack, you need to dry it. The general and simple way to dry a north face backpack after cleaning is to let it hang on a hanger. The bag must be upside down so that all the water inside the bag can drift down. The backpack must be hanging a day or sometimes even more than a day.

But be careful, you must not use any dryer in order to dry your backpack soon. If you try it the fabrics can shrink or get damaged. Besides, you should not use any kind of electronic device to dry it fast. Just have patience and let your bag be ready for reuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can u wash a north face backpack? 

Well, if you have already read the whole article, I hope you know the answer. Anyways, in spite of ignoring the manufacturer’s guide, you can wash a north face backpack. But be careful while washing your bag and you are highly suggested to follow the proper steps on how to wash the north face backpack.

2. What is the best way to clean a backpack?   

The best way to clean a backpack is using tepid water with a little amount of baby shampoo. Well, if you have stubborn stains on your north face backpack, you can go to the advanced level like using detergent or any cleaner (No Bleach). A big sink filled with lukewarm water mixing detergent can make foamy and you drown your bag completely underwater. Rinse repeatedly after a few minutes and see the progress. Once the stain is removed, wash your backpack with adequate clean water and let it dry.

3. Can you put a backpack in the washing machine?

Yes, again the answer remains the same. If necessary you can put your north face in a washing machine. But, you must have to follow some instructions and guidelines such as inserting the backpack in a pillow cover before putting it into the washing machine, setting the time, water and detergent proportion, and others as well.

4. How to hand wash a north face backpack?

Very simple and easy steps. Long explanation short. Go to the sink. Use a little water with shampoo to rub the surface off to clean the bag. If necessary drown the bag in lukewarm filled water in the sink and rinse repeatedly to clean the bag. Once done, use a hanger to let it dry for a day or more. Wait passionately to reuse it.

5. Can you dry clean a north face backpack?

Yes, of course. If your backpack is out of stubborn stains such as coffee or wine, you can simply dry clean a north face backpack. Just use a soft bristle brush and a toothbrush as well. The dirt-removing brush will help you clean the interior and exterior of the bag out of dirt, dust, crumbs, debris, etc. You can use the toothbrush to clean zip liners and narrow spaces. If necessary use a bit of water and baby shampoo to clean and clear the backpack.

6. What are the most popular North Face backpacks on the market today?

There are a lot of North Face backpacks out in the market. You can try one out of these –

They all are great to use. Ergonomic design, comfortable straps, well back padded, cushioned chest and waist straps, and huge capacity to take a lot of stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Are North Face backpacks water-resistant?

According to the North Face company, “Most of our backpacks are water-resistant, but only some are waterproof. Please refer to each backpack’s product page on TheNorthFace.Com for specific information about features.”

So, please read the instructions or query any questions to the manufacturer before you purchase your bag. It would be wise if you study and research everything before you go to buy your expected north face backpack.

8. What are the methods I can use for washing my backpack?

There are 3 kinds of methods you can try one after one if the previous one fails.

  1. The Wipe Down Method
  2. The Soaking Method
  3. Detergent-Using Method

Use the method consecutively if the previous one doesn’t work. Hope one of them would suit you. Oh yes, for stubborn stains, you can use the Detergent using method.

Final Words

Can you wash a north face backpack? Know these kinds of solutions in order to keep your bag safe. A north face backpack is very favorite to all. The company manufactures backpacks for different purposes like school backpacks, mountaineering backpacks, kid’s backpacks, range backpacks, bushcraft backpacks, girl’s backpacks, and so on. Once you own a backpack, you need to learn how to protect and take care of it. Can you wash a north face backpack? These kinds of answers and solutions are also needed to know. In addition, you need to know the proper instructions for washing a backpack.

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