Spinner Vs Roller Luggage – Which One is the Best?

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Luggage is one of those items that we don’t usually think about until it’s time to pack. You can be sure that you’ll need a suitcase or two when you travel, but what kind should you get? While there are many different types of luggage on the market, there are two that have become extremely popular in recent years: roller and spinner luggage. To be truthful, there is a huge debate going on with spinner vs roller luggage over the years as to whether to choose a spinner or roller luggage. What is the difference between them? Are the roller and spinner luggage the same? Which one is the best? Well, this post will help you make a decision by comparing the pros and cons of each type of luggage. So, let’s find the best luggage.

Spinner Vs Roller Luggage

For many people, traveling is an adventure. Whether it’s a long-haul flight, a short business trip or even a weekend getaway, there’s always something to look forward to. However, when you have to pack for your trip, the process can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re one of those people who like to travel light and don’t want to worry about how much luggage you need, then roller luggage might be just what you’re looking for. But if you’re more of a traditional traveler who likes to have everything packed in one bag, then spinner luggage might be the right choice for you. In this article, we’ll compare these two types of luggage (Spinner vs. Roller Luggage) to help you decide which one will suit your needs best. Besides luggage, if you need carry-on bags you can find them here too.

Spinner Luggage

a woman carrying a Spinner luggage

What is spinner luggage? Well, a spinner is great luggage for those who need a small-sized bag to carry around with them. It is very lightweight and easy to store. It is made out of high-quality material and it has a zipper which makes it easy to open and close. But, if you are looking for a spinner that will last for years and will be able to take a lot of abuse then this is the one for you.

You may know, spinning luggage comes with four spinning wheels at the bottom of it. And when you add the handle to the top of the bag, it becomes more maneuverable.

In addition, the spinning luggage has wheels that can turn 360 degrees, which makes them easier to maneuver. However, by using a spinner suitcase, instead of pulling it behind you, you can push and pull it at a vertical position of a 90-degree angle.

One of the drawbacks of this luggage is it may harm your spine. Your spine is supported in a very different way than a car. Because your spine is not supported by wheels, it is vulnerable to impact and injury.

Well, in some cases, there are some spinner luggage that come with four double (8 in total) spinner wheels instead of four regular ones. They’re slightly better because they’re made of sturdier plastic and are more durable.

However, some brands even have magnetic spinner wheels, which you can spin and roll straight without the wheels slipping. Spherical spinner wheels are also available.

These suitcases are more durable and better on rough surfaces. They’re not clear who invented spinner luggage first, but they have become really popular lately, especially on hardside suitcases.

Most people these days prefer spinning luggage to rolling suitcases, simply because they’re easier to manage.

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Roller Luggage

A woman carrying a Rollaboard luggage

What is a Roller or Rollaboard Luggage? Well, Rollaboard luggage is called by many names such as roller, upright, inline, rolling, two-wheeled, etc. However, the term “roller luggage” is used to describe a type of luggage that has wheels, allowing it to roll from place to place. This type of luggage is commonly used by business travelers, who need to carry a lot of luggage with them. There are a number of different types of roller luggage available. Some are designed to be carried inside a car or in the trunk of a car, while others are designed to be carried on foot. The purpose of this post is to help you decide which type of roller luggage is best for you.

Due to gradual demand, Roller luggage is one of the most popular types of luggage that you may have seen in the market today. They are very durable, lightweight, and easy to use. However, they have been gaining a lot of popularity because of the way they can be easily folded and stored.

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Rollaboard Vs. Spinner Luggage: Which One Is Better?

Spinner Vs Roller Luggage – Which One Is the Best

No matter which wheel type you choose, having a suitcase that rolls well will be more functional and convenient for many travel scenarios. You’ll know when you choose wisely by your decision. For some people, the spinner suitcase is the best, while others prefer rolling suitcases. The spinner type is better for some, and the rolling type is better for others. Let’s talk about how each type of luggage performs in terms of its mobility, durability, stability, etc.

Now, let’s see some features for both the luggage and then you can decide which one would be best for you. You need to decide wisely.


Spinner wheels are much easier to turn than rollaboard wheels. If you’re moving the luggage on a smooth surface, spinning wheels are an ideal choice. On rough surfaces, they always get caught in the grooves and pits. Even on very rough surfaces, you could have to carry your spinner suitcase by the handle in order to avoid damaging the wheels. With the ability to spin 360 degrees, this bag is more maneuverable, so you can easily twist and turn it in any direction.

Places Where It’s BestSpinner LuggageRollaboard
On a CarpetDoesn’t get stuck / perform better than rolling wheels.May get stuck/ perform less than rolling wheels.
On cobblestone StreetsCan get stuck and thus perform less than Rollaboard.Doesn’t usually get stuck on cobblestone streets.
On Dirt/ Gravel RoadSpinner wheels work better hereNot as good as spinner wheels.
On Smooth SurfacesSpinner wheels work better than rollaboard wheels.Not as good as spinner wheels.
On StaircasesYou have to use a handle or else the wheels can be potentially damaged.Same as spinning luggage.
On Regular Pavement/ AsphaltSpinner wheels are still easier to move around compared to regular skate wheels.Doesn’t perform as good as a spinner suitcase in that circumstances.
In Buses, Metros, and TrainsWorks betterWorks better

If you ask which one is your favorite? Well, our favorite type of suitcase is the spinner suite. They’re the easiest to transport and pack, so we like them best. You can pull a suitcase from behind using a tilt handle. On moderately rough dirt roads and cobblestone streets, you can tilt the spinner suitcase at a 45-degree angle and pull it from behind. We don’t mind carrying the bag by the handle on really rough surfaces and stairs.

Balance and Stability

Most spinner suitcases are just as stable as rollaboards. Both spinner suitcases and rollaboards have the tendency to tip over. Besides, putting the spinner wheels too close makes the bag really easy to tip over. Spinning is the process by which you apply force to the handle in an attempt to spin the wheel in the opposite direction, thus slowing down the rotation.

However, a roller suitcase is also often called a soft case. Rolling suitcases are often designed with short legs that can tip over when the bag is heavy. The best way to determine whether or not a wheeled bag is a good fit for you is to read the reviews first, but if you’re still unsure, test it out for your own experience.


Spinners are the best choice for indoor play and in very dry conditions, but not recommended in wet weather or with hard surfaces. They have smooth sides, which makes them maneuverable, but they are also the most fragile of all wheel types.

That’s right. Rollaboard skateboards are bigger and more stable than spinner boards and have no exposed metal parts that could make it easier for kids to break off.

Suitcases with spinner wheels are treated more delicately by the baggage handlers than rollaboards because the airlines want to ensure that the suitcase will make it through the baggage handling system intact.

Spinners and rollerboards must be installed so that they are loaded in the cargo section of the airplane first, and then rolled into the main part of the airplane where they are unloaded.

Even with all these precautions, a spinning board is still more likely to break than a regular roller board.

If you’re looking for a really durable suitcase, rollaboard suitcases are a smarter choice.

Spinner Luggage (4-Wheeler) Pros and Cons

+ Four multi-directional dual spinner wheels
+ Easily maneuverable
+ Retractable pull handle
+ Wheels are sturdy enough
+ Best for smooth roads
Tendency to break off
Can tip over if overweight

Rollaboard Luggage (2-Wheeler) Pros and Cons

+ Great for pulling forward
+ Stronger than 4-wheeler
+ Retractable pull handle
+ Wheels are strong and well-designed
+ Best for smooth and pebblestone road
Can break the wheels off if not delicately handled
Can be an imbalance if the luggage gets overweight

2-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel Luggage: Which one should I pick?

A 2-wheel luggage is rollaboard luggage while a 4-wheel luggage is spinner luggage. So, which one would be great for me to choose?

In this case, you can make that decision because there are many factors involved here such as how frequently are you using the luggage, where are you taking them usually, how many things are you carrying in it, what kind of transportation you are using, will the road smooth or cobblestone, and so on. Depending on the factors you need to think and make a decision.

In terms of 2 wheels vs 4 wheels, you need to decide wisely so that you will no longer repent later. Again, in the debate of 2-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel Luggage, you can choose the 2 wheels if you need to carry it on cobblestone or asphalt streets. On the other hand, if you use a smooth place all the time, a 4 wheel means a spinning suitcase would be a perfect choice for you. Know more.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re planning on traveling by plane, it’s important to make sure that you have a good travel bag that will keep all of your valuables safe. However, if you’re looking for something that’s more convenient, then a roller suitcase might be a good option for you. In addition, the best luggage is the one that you can use every day without having to spend a lot of time on maintenance or repairs. I’ve used both types of luggage. The spinner suitcase is very easy to pack and unpack. It has wheels and can be moved from room to room. It’s also much lighter than a roller suitcase. The roller suitcase is more durable and can be used for long trips. It also comes with wheels and can be moved from room to room. It’s also heavier than a spinner suitcase.

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