11 Top JanSport Backpacks: Review & Comparison 2023

Last Updated on May 22, 2023 by Taj Uddin Ahmed

Quality and durability are the two uncompromised factors in terms of backpacks. Among hundreds of brands, JanSport Backpacks are clearly second to none and this brand is well-recognized all over the world. You will love the JanSport backpack.

JanSport has a lot of bags. We are here to find out the best ones that you may be searching for.

Brief History of JanSport

It happened in 1967. They started with a small attempt in Seattle. Though they didn’t think that they would come this far, they didn’t give up. Gradually they improvised the designs and it started spreading.

Murray, the designer of the packs, named this company after his wife Jan and then the company JanSport was born.

Why is JanSport so popular?

What would you think first about buying a new backpack?

Durability? Quality?

Yes, these two main features make this JanSport brand so popular. If you find that the branded backpacks you bought are super durable, lightweight, and quality backpacks, you must go for another one after you lose the first one.

In addition, JanSport always pays priority on the high-quality materials so that durability and lightweight make the users satisfied.

A brand must not last long if the company doesn’t produce quality materials. Being founded in 1967, this awesome JanSport Brand is still alive with pride. This is one of the biggest backpack companies in the world.

Besides quality and durability, JanSport is concerned about functionality, design, vibrant colors, style and fashion, and so many things that users want. And this is why JanSport is considered one of the popular brands in terms of backpacks in the world.

Any user may have doubts or questions about the backpack he is buying, then why don’t you give them a chance to prove their brand reputation.

Where Are JanSport Products Made?

JanSport is an American brand of backpacks and collegiate apparel which is now owned by VF Corporation. It is one of the world’s largest apparel companies. JanSport is the world’s biggest backpack maker, and together, JanSport and The North Face, also owned by VF Corporation. This Corporation sells nearly half of all small backpacks sold in the United States.

What We Consider During Choosing A Top Backpack

Quality Materials

Quality material makes a backpack durable. So when a bag is made with high-quality material, the backpack becomes super durable and lightweight.

All the components like straps, zippers, fabrics, and others that are related to making a backpack are quality materials that are great.

And this is the main reason that the JanSport brand is very popular with people.


Size matters. For this reason, you must pick the right size for you. Suppose you are smaller, then you have to pick that one that suits you best.

As JanSport has a huge variety of sizes of backpacks people become highly satisfied due to matching the size.

If you are planning to go hiking, or climbing mountains, or camping, you must have to pick a bigger one that helps you to take your all necessary items.


Don’t forget about a comfortable strap. In case your bag is very heavy and the strap of the backpack is super comfortable, you can carry your load but if it isn’t, you are unlucky.

But we are glad to tell you that JanSport ensures you that quality and well-padded strap.


One of the essential demands is inside the backpack. Separate chambers are highly required to keep your essentials separated so that you can easily find your stuff.

Almost the people expect a laptop compartment. In addition, small and medium-large pockets are needed too. And you must get all kinds of necessary requirements from here.

Design and Style

Though at the beginning JanSport started with a basic design, over the years they have gone to the apex in terms of design and style. In addition, they really do concern about the taste and personality of the users.

And this is why JanSport focusing on the design and style, they are optimizing the colors too. They promise to give simple black to some neon options that attract the users much.


It is not that easy to a standstill from 1967 till now with pride. This company prioritizes the customers’ needs and then others.

That’s why JanSport offers a lifetime guarantee and this is how they still are the biggest backpack company in the world.

Do you know how to claim the lifetime warranty on your JanSport Backpack? In case you don’t know, please take a look here.

The Best 11 JanSport Backpacks Review

We are here to pick the best one on considering many aspects like quality, price, durability, and so on for you. After a hard review, we have come to a conclusion to describe 11 top backpacks that you can like it and have one as well.

1. JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Pineapple Punch

JanSport Superbreak Backpack

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There are hundreds of designs and styles of JanSport backpacks for all ages of people. Some of them are for kids while others are for adults, women, and different types of people.

But the JanSport Superbreak Backpack is awesomely amazing. This is obviously one of the best backpacks of the JanSport company.

Amongst all the JanSport backpacks, the JanSport Superbreak – Pineapple Punch Backpack is quite impressive and good to use.

What do you really do while buying a backpack at first? The first look, right?

You will be enchanted by looking at this bag for the first time. And then quality. This is awesome too.

This JanSport Superbreak – Pineapple Punch Backpack is one of the best-selling everyday travel, work, and school backpacks.

The zippers used here are sturdy, smooth, and durable so that users do not fall into trouble in their sweet journey.

Why is JanSport Backpack particularly popular in school?

JanSport backpacks are very popular at school for some reason. With more than 30 colors, designs, and styles that reflect your personality. Besides, it has enough rooms for keeping your books, water bottles, laptops & sports gear, and other functionalities that all make so popular in school.

What are JanSport backpacks made with?

With coated durable 600 denier fabric, these JanSport Superbreak bags are 3x’s industry standard for abrasion and water repellency. This bag will always have your back.

Just the Right Size

Not too big and not too small, with one roomy compartment and one handy front pocket.

JanSport is about the discovery of fun, freedom & adventure. It helps every sphere of your life.

From your first school backpack & lunch bag to the messenger bag for your first interview, from running errands to chasing dreams, JanSport gear surely inspires your journey.

JanSport is the original. And it began making backpacks in 1967. From lunch bags to fanny packs to laptop bags, JanSport gear is durable and functional.

We design our products to be durable, functional, and versatile says JanSport. Whether you’re headed to a concert, to class, or going off the grid—they have got your pack. It’s what they have been doing for over forty years.


  • Durable, ultra-lightweight
  • Quality materials
  • Roomy enough to hold your essentials
  • 30+ colors
  • Exceptional designs and styles
  • Laptop chamber, water bottle holder
  • Lifetime warranty


  • There are not enough compartments in this backpack
  • There’s no separate pouch for a water bottle
  • Some users say that the color is not very exciting

2. JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Blue Topaz

JanSport Blue Topaz Backpack

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Why are you buying this backpack? For school, college, business, short tour?

These all will be covered by this awesome backpack.

Besides, you must think about quality and durability, right? Why not? I would think if I were you.

It does without saying, the durability of JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Blue Topaz is incredible and highly optimistic. No need to get tense about its quality. Rather you think about which color you should pick for your son or daughter.

Now, who are you going to buy this bag for?

What should be the size? Please do not forget about the perfect size for the user because if you cannot pick the perfect size, you may not be comfortable. On the other hand, how much space usually do you need for your stuff?

You need to think about all of them at the same time. This JanSport Superbreak Blue Topaz has the capacity of carrying 25L which is not bad at all. For regular work like schools, office, work, and short tours, this one is fantastic and great.

What is the Price?

JanSport Superbreak Backpack – Blue Topaz is incredibly affordable and certainly doesn’t compromise on quality. In fact, You can find it on Amazon for around $25 and it is just like stealing for a quality backpack.

This is one of the famous and recognized backpack companies in the world. So they have their minimum standard quality. For this reason, you must not compare this branded bag with a local or non-branded backpack. You will not regret buying this one.

Now the Functionality. You can use this bag for many purposes. But to be honest, this one will not be very perfect for the professionals due to lacking laptop sleeves.

Furthermore, the padded shoulder straps are useful for carrying heavy loads that you can find in this bag. This bag is amazing!

3. JanSport Backpack for Big Student – Blue Crest

Blue Crest JanSport Backpack for Big Student

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Planning for buying a college or a bit big backpack? Then you are in the right place.

This JanSport Big Student Backpack will be the perfect match for you.

When you are going to college or school, you need to cover a lot of space and if you can’t take your essentials, then what is the need for a backpack?

And that’s why you certainly can try JanSport Big Student Backpack.

First of all, the components of making this bag are awesome. The 600D Polyester fabric used here is for added durability. In a word, quality materials are used in it. As a result, this JanSport Big Student Backpack will be durable, lightweight, and perfect in size.

To add more, the zippers are sturdy, smooth, and strong to last long. The front pocket is used to store electronics and accessories.

The ergonomic S-curved well-padded shoulder straps provide a comfortable fit.

In addition, you will find here 2 main compartments for easy storage. There is an upper zippered accessory pocket that perfectly ensures safe and secured storage. Additionally, there is a lower front zippered stash pocket where you can have easy access to your small items.

Not only this but also a web ergo handle helps you to carry the bag comfortably.

What is the Size of this Backpack?

This JanSport Backpack for Big Student – Blue Crest is big enough to hold your essentials. The capacity of this Big Student Backpack is 2100 cu in / 34L. which is great for them who need to put much more staff than usual for any student.

As JanSport always gives priority to their customers, they truly understand the needs of the users and that’s what makes them as successful and popular as they are.

Price of the Backpack

A rough price of $40 of this JanSport Big Student Backpack including free shipping and a lifetime guarantee makes a customer happy.

The price compared to the quality is winning and reasonable. It is, of course, worth a try.

Colors and designs

With no Laptop sleeve, this JanSport Big Student Backpack has more than 80 colors to pick one. Furthermore, it has a lifetime warranty. 

The functionality of the Backpack

If you think this JanSport Big Student Backpack is only for students, then your thought should be broadened. Rather you can use it for most of your purposes where it suits.

For its durability and lightweight, you can even go for a short hike with your friends. It won’t disappoint you.

Some Related Backpacks

4. JanSport Half Pint Backpack

JanSport Half Pint Backpack

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Do you like this size and figure of the bag? In case you like the design, this JanSport Half Pint Backpack is 100% perfect for you.

This sweet backpack is so cute that you can wear it even when you don’t need to carry more stuff. It makes you great and stylish.

For the kids, this cute JanSport Half Pint Backpack is second to none. As kids don’t need too much space, and at the same time this size suits them perfectly.

Perfect Size

JanSport Half Pint Backpack is a miniature backpack that is ideal for daypack and travel, sightseeing, short tour, and so on. Additionally, this backpack is hands-free freedom in carrying your essentials.

Suppose you want to go to your friend’s house then would you take a big 30L backpack with you? Nope, not at all.

Then what would you do? Yes, a 10.25L capacity bag would be the very best for your short and casual tour. It can be told, this size is the perfect size for some certain people.

This nice backpack is made of 600 Denier Polyester which makes the backpack durable and lightweight.

Space Inside

Though this bag is small it is surprisingly roomy. Furthermore, the JanSport Half Pint Backpack has a small profile yet plenty of interior space to keep your personal items safe & organized.

Reliable Mini Backpack

JanSport miniature backpacks are made with durable Polyester fabric, zippers & straps in colors & designs to reflect your style. Thus, all the materials are quality materials and thus you can take it with you without any hesitation.


Every JanSport comes with a lifetime warranty. So, carry your JanSport with confidence, knowing they will replace or repair any breaks.

Features at a glance

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Front utility pocket
  • One main compartment
  • Web haul handle

Being small and light, the JanSport Half Pint Mini Backpack is the perfect throw-on and go miniature backpack.

5. JANSPORT Unisex Mesh Pack

JANSPORT Unisex Mesh Pack

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You are using backpacks but they are all almost the same. Here is an exceptional one. This is a mesh backpack.

Though this JanSport Mesh Backpack is not waterproof its other features are amazing. To be honest, this backpack has no laptop sleeve as well.

JanSport Mesh Backpack is made of quality materials and thus it is durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

There are more than 10 colors of this bag and you can easily pick one from them. Usually, people pick red and black. These two attract too much.

As this backpack is lightweight, this is suitable for adults to kids. Kids like it very much because they can keep their colored pencil box, geometry box, and so many trivial small items in the transparent chamber.

The quality of this bag is beyond question. If you are worried about the mesh ripping with daily use, well then, don’t. The mesh is quality enough to last the bag through the whole school year.


The bag is really large and usually has been used by the students. As the bag itself is lightweight, you can put a lot inside it and it, certainly, won’t let you panic.

This bag is huge means how many liters? Yes, this JanSport Mesh Backpack has a capacity of 32L and you can just fit anything you want in there. To be truthful, it might be a bit bigger for the younger kids, but nevertheless, it is still a great backpack for the older ones.


Any backpack you are going to buy and you cannot buy it for less than $30 to $40. Well, this JANSPORT Unisex Mesh Pack is fairly affordable and you can buy it for around $30. Compared to the price this mesh pack is like stealing from the shop.

This mesh backpack has a heavy demand and sometimes it goes out of stock. Don’t panic. It comes shortly.


Basically, students love this kind of backpack. Professionals do not usually use this because they need to carry their precious laptops and sometimes they like classical backpacks.

When you are a student who will carry it on your back, it looks super cool and great. This JANSPORT Unisex Mesh Pack will certainly fulfill your demand.

So, this JanSport Mesh Backpack is sturdy, comfortable, lightweight, durable, and stylish. Anyone can have it.

6. JanSport Digital Edition Laptop Backpack

Digital Edition JanSport Laptop Backpack

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If you have a laptop or tablet and if you want to carry it with you either for your business trip or personal use, JanSport Digital Edition Laptop Backpack is the perfect fit for you. This one can be the best one you are looking for.

This backpack is made of 400 Denier Nylon and thus it is super durable, lightweight, and so much comfortable. The other components like zippers, straps, handles, etc. are really great.

Right Backpack for You

There are many reasons to be the right backpack for you. This is one of the best iconic, classic JanSport backpacks.

The JanSport Right Pack has a signature suede leather bottom. In addition, one main compartment with a 15″ laptop sleeve, one zippered pocket with an internal organizer, and a front stash pocket. These features will certainly mesmerize you.

JanSport laptop backpacks are designed in such a way that you can carry your electronic gear with you safely and in style. Similarly, the padded laptop compartments, sleeves, and pockets for cords and chargers are also like a surprise.

Why JanSport Backpack?

Keeping aside hundreds of brands, if you are going to pick JanSport backpack, then, of course, it has some specialty. JanSport backpacks are made with durable fabric which ensures durability. Zippers & straps, in colors & designs, certainly reflect your style and personality.

Not only this but also the lifetime warranty with it will ensure your tension-free adventures knowing they will replace or repair any breaks.


When specifically you need space to put things in, you need to consider the size of the backpack. In this case, JanSport Digital Edition has the 31L capacity to hold your stuff.

31L in a bag is not very less. You can put almost all of your essentials in that bag if you go to school, college, short tour, or any casual trip.


Unlike other JanSport backpacks, this laptop JanSport backpack is a bit pricier than others. But I can 100% ensure you, this laptop backpack is totally worth it.

The price is around $50 and it is certainly affordable. Actually, a quality backpack may offer you a lot compared to your money.

How does it work?

The well-padded straps are quite comfortable. In addition, due to durable fabric, this JanSport Digital Edition backpack is awesome. On the other hand, for the protection of the laptop, the backpack has a laptop sleeve. So you must not have any trouble protecting your valuable laptop or tablet.


One of the most amazing features of the JanSport Backpacks is it has a lifetime warranty and if you have any breaks, they are always ready to either replace or repair them.

So there is nothing to worry about. You can confidently have this one.

This laptop JanSport backpack is not, in fact, waterproof. This is one of the best laptop backpacks in the JanSport backpacks. In addition, there is a laptop sleeve over there to protect your laptop. You can choose any color according to your wish in more than 20 standard colors. Size being 31L and the lifetime warranty can assure enough to have this impressive backpack.

7. JanSport Digital Student Laptop Backpack

JanSport Digital Student Laptop Backpack

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There are many laptop backpacks out there. You can easily pick any of them. In fact, they are quality products too. But this JanSport Laptop Backpack is incredibly amazing.

In this modern age, people like to have a backpack like this which will be all in one so that they don’t need to carry any additional bag with them. Pretty amazing, huh? That’s right.

This JanSport Digital Student Laptop Backpack is updated and fashionable as well. As this backpack is so popular and demandable, it occasionally goes out of stock. But, don’t panic, it comes back soon.

You will like all the amazing features of it. The most important feature is the well-padded laptop sleeve which will protect your valuable laptop perfectly. The chambers are made very student-friendly so that no digital items will be harmed.

So you can move to your classes without any worrying about leaving any valuables behind. On the other hand, if you peek through the JanSport customer reviews, you will easily understand why is this brand so popular?

Why Will You Choose JanSport Digital Laptop Backpack?

The price may be a bit higher but it’s worth it. Smart digital backpack, well-padded straps, nice cushion, mesh pockets for water bottles or umbrellas, laptop sleeve, quality materials, nice fabrics, good and standard looking, and a lot of space inside it makes this backpack second to none.

Besides, 30+ colors will confuse you with which one you are going to pick because all of them are so nice that you will reluctant to leave any of them. The size being 17.5 X 13 X 10 Inches makes this bag so impressive and spacious.

Main Features

  • Dedicated external cord storage pocket
  • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps
  • Fully-padded back panel
  • Removable 15″ laptop sleeve fits into a dedicated laptop compartment

The styles and designs are unique as well. As there is a super protective laptop sleeve, even professionals can choose it for their personal use.

You must not regret buying it. And if anything happens, the lifetime warranty will make you tension-free.

8. JanSport Sea Horse Digital Student Laptop Backpack

Sea Horse Digital Student bag

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If you are asked what kind of backpack will you choose for yourself? Yes, the may be different from person to person, profession to profession. But the overall answer would be a backpack like stylish, well-designed, standard color, laptop chamber, mesh pockets, and others.

Then, you can go for this one.

Digital Student Backpack

There are many reasons to be called this backpack a digital student backpack. You can find easy access 10″ tablet pocket, cord storage pocket, removable 15″ laptop sleeve, and laptop pocket in this bag.

Besides, 2 main compartments will allow you to keep your valuables in it. The JanSport Digital Student is a laptop backpack perfect for college and high school.

Your Everyday Backpack

With styles, colors, and designs, this Digital Student Laptop Backpack will reflect your personality. It is a backpack that has room for books, water bottles, laptops & sports gear, and your JanSport goes from school to fun as quickly as you do.


  • STYLE: T19W
  • CAPACITY: 2300 cu in / 38 L
  • DIMENSIONS: 17.5″ x 13″ x 10″ / 43 x 33 x 25 cm
  • FABRIC: 600 Denier Polyester
  • LAPTOP DIMENSIONS: 15″ x 10.2″ x 1″ / 38 x 26 x 2 cm
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb 8 oz / 0.7 kg


  • Dedicated external cord storage pocket
  • Easy access external tablet pocket fits up to a 10″ tablet
  • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps
  • Fully-padded back panel
  • Removable 15″ laptop sleeve fits into a dedicated laptop compartment
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Two large main compartments
  • Web haul handle

The best benefits you will get:

  • Extra Large Capacity
  • Plenty of space to stash lots and lots of stuff

So if you need such a backpack that you have to take a lot of stuff, then it does without saying, this backpack is obviously for you. With a removable 15-inch laptop sleeve, side water bottle pocket, and organizational storage throughout, this backpack is made to go everywhere.

9. JanSport Black Label Superbreak Backpack


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People say, the look of a product at first and then quality. Because if you don’t like anything at your first sight, whatever the quality is, you even go up to quality to test. So look matters. In this case, you can’t turn your eyes away in a flash from this bag.

You looked at it, loved it, and are now ready for knowing the quality.

Well, this JanSport Black Label Superbreak Backpack is made of 100% Polyester. That is why, this bag is splendidly lightweight, durable, and super comfortable.

The shoulder straps are straight-cut padded. In addition, the padded back panel & a web haul handle make this backpack amazing.

Now, the 30+ different colors, designs, durable fabric, zippers, straps, outlook, and everything are so solid that makes you confident to take this bag anywhere. It represents your personality as well.


  • CAPACITY: 1550 cu in / 25 L
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.7″” x 13″” x 8.5″” / 42 x 33 x 21 cm
  • FABRIC: 600 Denier Polyester
  • WEIGHT: 12 oz / 0.3 kg


  • 2/3 padded back panel
  • Front utility pocket with organizer
  • Iconic JanSport SuperBreak® in exclusive colors and prints
  • One large main compartment
  • Web haul handle
  • Straight-cut, padded shoulder straps

JanSport Superbreak Backpack is a Go

This backpack is superb and lightweight. Due to its style and durability, it is always ready to take on the day. You just gear up, grab the bag and go.

JanSport Superbreak Backpack is ready for anything

This backpack has water-repellent fabrics and coated interior and zippers keep your contents high and dry. So don’t worry about it.

Just the Right Size

Not too big and not too small, with one roomy compartment and one handy front pocket, this Superbreak Backpack is the right size for you.

Your Forever Pack

With coated durable 600 denier fabric, these bags are 3x’s industry standard for abrasion and water repellency. This bag will always have your back.

This Superbreak backpack is really amazing. You can pick it.

10. JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

Driver 8 Core with handle

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Your budget is flexible, right? Then, please stop choosing hundreds of them. Just read the features of this wheeled backpack and if you choose, no need to wander around more.

This JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack is one of the best backpacks of the JanSport. There are so many enchanting features to impress you. You have to match with your criteria and if the budget allows you, just pick this one. You must not disappoint.

This backpack is made of 420 Denier Nylon and thus it has no issue. All the components that have been used in it are great and admirable.

Backpacks from Rolling Backpacks

This JanSport Driver 8 rolling backpack can be converted into a simple backpack within a second.

When the rolling backpack is already a backpack, the shoulder strap appears then. Otherwise, it tucks away.


  • CAPACITY: 2100 cubic inches/34 liters
  • DIMENSIONS: 21″ x 14″ x 10″ / 53 x 35 x 25 cm
  • FABRIC: 600 Denier polyester / 420 Denier Nylon
  • LAPTOP DIMENSIONS: 11.5″ x 10.5″ x 1.5″ / 29 x 27 x 4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 5 lbs / 3 kg

This wheeled laptop backpack has a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve that protects your laptop by all means. In addition, there are side water bottle pockets that help you keep the bottles or umbrella.

Furthermore, a front organizer pocket lets you keep the essential stuff you like.

Main Focusable Features

  • 80 mm inline skate wheels
  • Front stash pocket
  • Front utility pocket with organizer
  • Fully-padded back panel
  • Padded grab handle
  • Padded sleeve fits 15″ laptop
  • two-stage handle
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Skid rails for added protection
  • Tuck-away shoulder straps for converting to backpack
  • And Two large main compartments

To be honest this awesome backpack is great for your kids as well as anybody who uses it for school, college, short trips, casual trips, hiking, and so many purposes.

This backpack is a perfect gift for your children or anybody who you like.

The lifetime warranty with it is amazing and the company is always ready to serve you.

JanSport Outdoor Equipment is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. So stop worrying and give it a shot.

11. JanSport High Stakes Backpack

colorful backpack

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Some backpacks are so nice that you cannot take your eyes off. This JanSport Stakes Backpack is such a one. Ether looking or structure or quality, this bag is passed.

What is this backpack made of?

Yes, this is a fantastic question. This JanSport High Stakes Backpack is made of 610 Denier HP Polyester Cordura Ripstop which ensures durability, lightweight, and comfort. This backpack is made in the USA or imported.

What the JanSport High Stakes Backpack has is your fashion sense and personality with premium fabrics and prints. The front utility pocket has an organizer panel, while the main zippered compartment has room for all your belongings.

Why are JanSport Backpacks Popular in Schools?

JanSport backpacks are popular at school for a reason. With many different colors, designs & styles that reflect your personality. In addition, this backpack has enough room for books, water bottles, laptops & sports gear. And your JanSport backpack goes from school to fun as quickly as you do.


  • Front utility pocket with organizer
  • Fully-padded back panel
  • One large main compartment
  • Premium fabric for superior durability and unique texture
  • Web haul handle
  • Straight-cut, padded shoulder straps


  • CAPACITY: 1550 cu in / 25 L
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.7″ x 13″ x 8.5″ / 42 x 33 x 21 cm
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb 1 oz / 0.5 kg

Now if you judge and find the benefits, what will you get?

This bag will be the right size. This is not so big or small. The compartments are roomy to hold your essentials. The pocket, especially in the front, is quite handy to reach out there.

It is so lightweight pack so pack your staff up, get ready and go.

Its water-repellent fabrics, coated interior and zippers keep your contents high and dry.

I think this JanSport High Stakes Backpack is worth buying.

Happy shopping.

JanSport Backpacks for Girls and Boys. Both of them can use this brand because the designers have concerned enough about the unisex uses so that nobody disappoints them. Without it, as JanSport has a lot of vibrant colors and designs, users easily choose it and wear it for a long time.

And the lifetime warranty makes this company immortal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where are Jansport backpacks made?

The JanSport backpacks are made in the USA.

2. Are Jansport backpacks good in quality and durable?

As JanSport uses good and quality materials, yes, they are good and durable.

3. Are Jansport backpacks good for kids?

Yes, of course. But some JanSport backpacks are really great for kids.

4. Are Jansport backpacks good for school?

Yes, certainly they are perfect for school.

5. If I want to buy a large backpack, should I buy this brand?

There are plenty of options that you can choose from a large one. And yes, this brand will be great.

6. Can I take this backpack + a carry-on bag on airplanes?

It depends on the bag you choose. You will be able to use this as your extra item or your carry-on. Thus you should always check with your airlines before you fly.

7. How to wash a JanSport backpack?

At first, remove all the contents and then turn it upside down. Either you can brush off the dust and dry grime with the lint brush or dampen a cloth rub it over dirty areas.

8. Can JanSport backpacks be repaired?

Yes, of course, but why? You will have a product’s lifetime warranty.

9. Where to buy a JanSport backpack?

You can find a lot of places or online JanSport backpacks. But Amazon is a great place to buy it at a cheaper price.

Final Words

Backpacks are not very cheap so you can buy them every month. As a result, when you are going to buy one, you should be careful about the price, product, quality, and criteria. Some backpacks are costly and some are comparatively cheap, so make a wise decision. Try to buy the top JanSport backpacks.

Happy Buying!