9 Best Oakley Backpacks for Travel- Review 2021

Oakley Backpack

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Among a lot of brands, Oakley has secured its place with pride. They have become popular over the years. They never compromise with quality, style, and design. The Oakley backpack will make you happy with your core criteria.

Here, we will show the best Oakley backpacks that can be perfect for you and you are searching for. We are doing this due to make your hard decision easier.

Short History of Oakley

Oakley started its journey back in 1975. They would not produce any backpacks at their embryonic stage. High-end sunglasses mainly used for snowboarding or outdoor activities were their main products to sell.

Gradually they increased their branches and categories of products as well. Later on, they added clothes, shoes, and backpacks on their list. Except for this, they have a long list category that they added by times. They were acquired by fashion eyewear giant Luxottica back in 2007.

How Exactly Makes The Oakley Brand Popular?

It is not an easy task to get popularity in thousands of brands in the competitive market. But see, The Oakley Brand is still as high as the sky with pride.

They still exist with popularity because they never compromise with the quality, design, and styles. Vibrant colors and various sizes with bag related components are great in quality.

Another thing is the Oakley always keeps paces with the era and thus they never stay behind.

In addition, the awesome functionality of the backpacks makes the popularity, particularly in young adults and youngsters.

Who Are Basically Oakley Backpacks Made For?

The Oakley backpacks seem highly gorgeous and have creative designs that can honestly suit with the young aged people and the young adults. Most of them are categorized in students and then professionals.

Travelers pick these backpacks as well because of superb design and large capacity. As almost all the Oakley backpacks come with the most necessary compartment ‘laptop sleeve’, people love it. The sunglasses compartment adds more value to these backpacks.

What We Focused On

While you are reviewing something, you must focus on some specific criteria. And you can no way ignore it. To make a shortlist for your choice, we narrowed down the list on focusing on some unavoidable criteria.

  • Materials

What the Oakley does not compromise at all is the quality of the materials. All the backpacks of the Oakley maintain a minimum standard of quality. Depending on the quality, the Oakley hikes the price.

Quality materials ensure durability and lightweight. These backpacks are lightweight but sturdy in real.

  • Size

After ensuring the quality, what comes next? The size? Yes, certainly that is. You must consider the size before buying whether the size suits you or not. If the size gets too bigger or smaller, neither of them would be for any use.

So please trial the bag in your back to make sure that it suits you perfectly and comfortably.

  • Compartments

You need separate compartments? Then it is the perfect place. Separate compartments can keep your stuff separated. On the other hand, you can find your items very easily.

  • Straps

Are straps important to check? Of course, it is. Sometimes if you are having heavy loads, your well-padded straps can save you from getting exhausted. It helps you to make you comfortable for a long time.

  • Designs and Styles

The look of a product prioritizes first is always meant. Thus, the designs should be different and the styles as well. Users always look for new designs and handy products.

Versatility and multi-functionality

This option relieves you from boring and monotonous using. If the bag doesn’t work as many forms, it will make you boring.

A versatile bag should have the qualities of a multi-functional accessory that can withstand the transition from season to season.


Big brands maintain the warranty for their products. Oakley provides one year warranty for all of their backpacks.

The warranty ensures the uncertainty of breaks or damages of the product. So it is good for any product if they provide a warranty.

9 Fantastic Oakley Backpacks Review

After a long review and comparison, we have been able to narrow down 9 top Oakley backpacks that may entice you.

Considering price, quality, color, and design, we have come to a conclusion to reveal these 9 awesome Oakley Backpacks.

1. Oakley Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack

Oakley Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack

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Aesthetically this Oakley Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack is the bomb. You won’t believe, there is nothing that comes close to looking as hard-core as this thing. All the metal hardware used here is solid and awesome and the carabiner hooks are made of heavy-duty.

I think if the top strap was solid metal like the Kitchen Sink, it would be great. Other than that this is one sexy backpack.

There are some issues you need to know about the design of this backpack. There is really nowhere to put the water bottle unless you throw it inside the pack or attach it via a carabiner. That really doesn’t work with most of the people because they want it outside.

You can carry a laptop that will fit perfectly in the padded zip slot. The top padded zip pocket will fit a pair of sunglasses or iPods, or you can use CPR mask and Naloxone spray instead.

Here is a list of items that you can easily manage to cram into this bag:

  • -Gas Mask
  • -High Visibility Vest
  • -Monocular
  • -Lined gloves
  • -Document envelope
  • -phone charger
  • -gum
  • -Alcohol gel cleaner
  • -CPR Mask
  • -Naloxone Nasal Spray
  • -Sunglasses
  • -Various Sharpies and pens and a handcuff key
  • -Handcuffs
  • -Coord Cuff
  • -Tourniquet
  • -business cards
  • -spit hood

Everybody needs room for more stuff but this is about the max you want to have in this bag. It slings over the shoulder easily and it’s a great size for a duty backpack.

This backpack will provide you well-padded straps and nicely cushioned back that will help you wander around with comfortable for a long time.

Main Features

  • Padded side access panel to fit most 13” laptops or tablets
  • Brushed media pocket on lid
  • Water bottle side pocket
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom panel for enhanced durability
  • 23L capacity
  • 17″ H x 11.75″ W x 7″ D
  • 80% Nylon
  • 20% Polyester Imported

This Men’s Bathroom Sink Backpack has a very secure design that makes it difficult for someone to reach in and steal something easily, yet a side zipper facilitates easy removal of a laptop for airport security. All stress points are well reinforced so that it lasts long.

So far it’s a great looking bag with metal hardware that is what you would want. This is a big step to buy this one.

2. Oakley Men’s Blade 30

Oakley Men's Blade 30

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The bag which one won’t let your eyes off the product could be the one you are searching for!

Oakley Men’s Blade 30 is such a backpack that entices you.

It is made of 100% Polyester and thus it’s waterproof and lightweight. All the components are great in quality.

The zippers used here are sturdy and smooth. It is durable as well. Every zipper has a comfortable holding for pulling it comfortably.

You can find 2 separate compartments that are quite enough for anyone. The very front small chamber is for keeping your most necessary items such as keys, wallets, small notebooks, and so on.

The main compartment has the laptop sleeve to keep your laptop secured. This padded laptop sleeve holds up to a 15″ device. The chamber has two ways zipper so that you can pull any side you want.

You will be happy to know that Oakley Men’s Blade 30 has two side small pockets. And on it, there are two mesh pockets to keep your water bottles. Sometimes you can use one of them for keeping the umbrella.

Main Features

  • Padded laptop sleeve holds up to a 15″ device
  • Eyewear pocket, media pocket, and fins/wax
  • Salt-water resistant fabric for long-lasting use
  • Quick-drying fabric defends your gear from moisture
  • Front straps carry your towel

The padded straps are comfortable enough to carry a heavy load.

A 30L Capacity and being the measurement of 20″ H x 12″ W x 8″ D, this Oakley Men’s Blade 30 is superb to use.

You can wash this bag in a machine and easily cleanable.

This fantastic backpack is worth buying.

3. Oakley Men’s Link Backpack

Oakley Men’s Link Backpack

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A bag that fulfills your criteria will be a perfect companion for anyone. Quality backpacks with a convenient compartment can make you happy too.

What is this Oakley Men’s Link Backpack made of?

The Oakley Men’s Link Backpack is made of 100% polyester 600D nailhead and 450D NP ripstop fabric for lightweight, durability, and comfort.

In addition, adjustable, padded straps provide comfortable carrying for a long duration. The bag has a dedicated shoe compartment that securely stores and provides convenient access to your everyday or athletic shoes.

This can be a great gym backpack with a shoe compartment as well. One side, this backpack can be used as a gym backpack and, on the other side, you can use this bag as your daily needs.

Oakley Men’s Link Backpack has an eyewear micro bag lined pocket, phone pocket, and tarp-lined side pocket. It all provides convenient storage of and access to small everyday gear.

What’s more!

Are you thinking of side pockets? Sure it is. You will get a hydration-compatible water bottle pocket that allows for on the go refueling. The main compartment can hold a 15” laptop and a tablet.

The dimension being 20.47” H x 11.81” W x 5.91” D and a storage capacity of 29 liters can hold all of your essentials.

The shoulder straps are so much well-padded and the body strap is great too. Taking an extra pair of shoes is an additional value.

Both of the sides you can find water bottle pockets but underneath the pocket, there is a quick access small pocket which helps to keep your small items in it.

This Oakley Men’s Link Backpack is enticing as well. You must not regret at all buying this awesome backpack.

4. Men’s Kitchen Sink Oakley Backpack

Men's Kitchen Sink Oakley Backpack

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There are many backpacks out there that you must worry about its capacity and compartment. If you never know about this Men’s Kitchen Sink Oakley Backpack, then it is certainly worth a try.

Storage Capacity

Being the measurement of 20” H x 14” W x 8” D and the 34L capacity bag can carry your almost all stuff for your tour or any work.

This backpack is outfitted with serious hardware and versatile storage options, and thus the Kitchen Sink Backpack is a complete package with a heavy-duty appeal.

Comfortable & Cool

A well-padded back and adjustable mesh-lined shoulder straps keep you comfortable and cool when hauling over long distances for a long time. The soft padded shoulder straps are comfortable too. There is a handle on the top of it is handy and comfortable as well.

Compression-molded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps are for comfort too.


The abrasion-resistant bottom panel is used for enhanced durability. It is equipped with a hard media-player compartment and reinforced clip and zip closures. This bag is waterproof too and thus you don’t need to worry anymore about any inconvenient weather.

Carry Versatility

The Kitchen Sink Backpack blends toughness, style, and diverse function. This is absolutely ideal for an unpredictable day.

Compartments and Space

With a total of 6 compartments, this bag is awesome. The main chamber lets you keep your 17″ laptop because it has a laptop sleeve which is really important for all. Besides, you can keep your water bottle, diary, towel, and so more small items.

Most importantly there is a bottom shoe compartment that lets you take another pair of shoes in case you are a fan of sports.

Main Features

  • Padded side access panel to fit most 17” laptops
  • Water bottle side pocket
  • Front zip pocket with accessory organization panel to separately store smaller items
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom panel for enhanced durability
  • Bottom shoe compartment provides spacious storage
  • 34L capacity
  • 20″ H x 14″ W x 8″ D
  • 69% Nylon, 31% Polyester
  • Imported

You will find a small compartment on the bottom panel which is abrasion-resistant. Both sides have small pockets for keeping small items such as keys, calculators, pens, and even a small lunch boxes.

On the very top, you can keep your whole day companion precious eyeglasses. It is safe and secured.

The bag is machine washable so you can wash anytime you want.

Rubber logo is the new updated version of the product.

This bag comes with a one year warranty but it only is applicable if you buy it from an authorized dealer.

5. Oakley Men’s Link Pack MILTAC

Oakley Men's Link Pack MILTAC

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Some backpacks are awesome to use. When you wear it on your shoulder, it looks just amazing. Oakley Men’s Link Pack MILTAC is such a backpack that you will feel comfortable and standard as well.

This Oakley Men’s Link Pack MILTAC is made of tough 600D poly construction which ensures durability and comfort. The padded shoulder straps with a stabilizing sternum clip make it comfier.

The bag has a dual-zip main compartment that offers ample storage. The interior hydration sleeve can store water that includes a 2L water bladder.

You must be highly glad to know that this nice bag has a dedicated shoe compartment that keeps footwear separate from other gear.

The measurement is 20.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 7.5″ D and the 23L capacity of the backpack can satisfy you perfectly.

This Oakley Men’s Link Pack MILTAC can hold a couple days’ worth of clothes and some toiletries. If you wish you can unbuckle both the straps at the bottom end so that you can convert it to a sling or cross the straps in a flash.

As both the straps have a large elastic pocket on them and you can attach a molle Camelback bottle pouch because it would be so much easier than having to wash out the bladder after use.

Main Features

  • Dual-zip main compartment
  • Interior hydration sleeve stores included a 2L water bladder
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • Adjustable, padded straps provide comfortable carrying
  • Side pockets offer easy-access storage
  • Padded eyewear pocket protects sunglasses
  • Velcro panels and daisy-chain webbing
  • Durable 600D polyester construction
  • 23L Capacity
  • 20.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 7.5″ D
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

And yes it does come with a water bladder that holds about a liter. In addition, the top pocket with the O logo on it is fully lined with microfiber so you can just throw your sunglasses right in.

Furthermore, the entire bottom is a flap into a separate compartment within the pack presumably to store shoes away from whatever else you’ll put in the pack. It also comes with a sternum strap.

I hope you will be very happy with this backpack.

6. Oakley Enduro 30L 2.0

Oakley Enduro 30L

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This premium Oakley backpack is made from super-durable fabric to keep your gear protected and features exterior skateboard straps for convenient transport.

The Enduro 30 pack is made of 100% Polyester and this is why it is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It has multiple exterior pockets for easy-access storage.

The padded back panel and shoulder straps are for comfortable carrying for a long duration without any tire.

You can find a dedicated internal sleeve that fits up to a 17” laptop. Besides, the interior organization panel is used for daily essentials which is great.

Furthermore, there is a padded eyewear pocket that perfectly protects your shades.

The Enduro 30 pack is designed to give you spacious, specialized storage for electronics and equipment when you’re on the move. It is a fantastic backpack for your work or any profession.

The Enduro 30 pack is worth trying.

7. Oakley Men’s Voyage 23l Roll Top Backpack

Voyage 23l Roll Top bag

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This is a cool bag. It looks slick and slender and just completely opposite from the normal backpacks that you see daily in your city. The Oakley Men’s Voyage 23l Roll Backpack can hold a lot of stuff without being weighed down or heavy. And that top that you can “roll-up” is pretty cool too.

In addition, the strap that closes it can expand if you have a lot of stuff to put in. You can access the site without having to open the top, so getting your laptop from the bag is a cinch or anything else in the bag for that matter can be retrieved from the side.

To be honest, this pack has one main compartment. And in the main compartment, there are two small pockets and a laptop sleeve. Furthermore, it also has one external pocket. The main compartment has a roll-top and a zip side. The side zip provides convenient access to the laptop sleeve, which is side loading. The main compartment is not subdivided except for the two little pockets.

It won’t be wrong if you tell this is not a backpack for anybody who likes to organize their pack content in different pockets because it has only one big compartment. The roll-top is closed with a custom double hook, which is remarkably inconvenient for a feature that is surely significantly more expensive than a side squeeze buckle.

Anyway, The roll top’s closure tension is adjustable, but only in the range from fully open down to vaguely closed…it can’t be cinched down unless the pack is all the way full.

Main Features

  • 600D Polyester
  • 18.3” H x 11” W x 5” D
  • 1.81 lbs
  • 23L capacity
  • Padded internal sleeve for 15″ laptop or tablet
  • 2-way zipper for easy side access
  • Ergonomic EVA back panel and shoulder straps for comfort and ventilation
  • Reflective elements

This fact makes the corners of the roll quite high; they protrude above your shoulder which will block your view when bicycling.

The sternum strap and webbing loops on the main straps are useful features for bicycling, as the sternum strap prevents the pack from sliding around on your back, and the webbing loops provide a place to clip your keys. The loops on the exterior of the main compartment are the wrong size and too weak to hold a U lock.

You will love this because it looks so different from the rest. I would highly recommend this pack.

8. Oakley Unisex Training Duffel Bag

Oakley Duffel Backpack

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There are some backpacks that you can use either a regular backpack or a duffel bag. This kind of backpack has the option to convert the bag from regular to duffel within a second.

The Oakley Unisex Training Duffel Bag is really an impressive backpack for the people who like to go to the gym or any kind of sports.

Oakley Training Duffel Bag is made of rugged Polyester/PVC material which ensures durability and lightweight.

This bag has heavy gauge zipper pockets that protect your gear from the elements. The zippers are quality materials too thus it is sturdy and smooth.

Is the Oakley Training Duffel Bag Spacious?

Certainly, it is. This backpack is able to hold 45L stuff that I am pretty sure you can have all of your regular and necessary stuff in it without squeezing. It has a water-repellent zippered pocket inside and a three-pocket panel keeps you organized so that you can grab what you need and when you need it.

It’s finished with heavy-duty handles and our iconic Oakley badging.

Besides, it has two adjustable, ergonomic shoulder pad which ensures comfort when you’re on the move.

Main Features

  • 81% Polyester, 19% Polyurethane
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 50 x 31 x 27 cm
  • Rugged Polyester/PVC material
  • Heavy gauge zipper pockets
  • Two adjustable, ergonomic shoulder pads
  • Inner water-repellent zippered pocket
  • Three-pocket panel
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Volume: 45 L

What should I say about this backpack? Simply Wow…to be truthfully told the quality of this duffle bag is out of this world. It has a waterproof pocket with a zipper inside for your gym dirty clothes which is nice.

But one thing is really missing in this perfect duffel bag is if this bag had a dedicated shoe section that isolates it from the gear then all the disputes against it would be solved.

Still, now this bag is mesmerizing and handy to use. Don’t lose the opportunity to have it.

9. Oakley Men’s FP 45L Roller

45L Roller backpack

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Yes, this is a luggage type backpack for your daily needs. If you are going on a short trip or a business trip, this Oakley Men’s FP 45L Roller is second to none.

This unbreakable sturdy backpack is made of coated ripstop 1680D ballistic polyester which makes sure the abrasion resistance and durability.

The lockable zipper pulls maintain the security of the compartments, while telescopic and wide-grip handles offer a variety of comfortable carrying options.

This fantastic bag is finished with smooth-rolling wheels, and this roller whisks your essentials from one adventure to the next with ease.

Main Features

  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 13.8 x 9.8in [54 x 35 x 25cm]
  • 100% Nylon Ripstop
  • PU Coated Rip-Stop
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Split Main Opening for Easy Access
  • Front Pocket for Easy Access
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs / 3.22 kg
  • Capacity: 45 L

This Oakley Men’s FP 45L Roller has the premium topside materials combine with a hard-sided bottom to maximize protection and durability on the Motion 45L Roller, making it the ultimate carry-on travel bag.

This unique and sturdy luggage is a must for the frequent flyer.

And with a one year warranty, you can choose blindly this Oakley Men’s FP 45L Roller. You cannot break it even if you willingly wish to.

Happy shopping.

Oakley Bags and Backpacks

Oakley is famous for its durability, lightweight, designs, and colors. All the materials in it are quality materials and this is why they go beyond the reach. Still now millions of users look for Oakley.

Oakley Backpacks for Laptops

Vibrant design and various colors have made the Oakley backpacks different from other brands. Oakley is perfect for taking laptops because almost all of the backpacks have secured laptop sleeves and it is protective.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are Oakley backpacks good quality?

Of course, Oakley backpacks are quality backpacks. For this reason, people look forward to buying it again and again.

2. Are Oakley backpacks durable and lightweight?

Certainly, Oakley backpacks are really durable and very lightweight. You will even get tired of using it.

3. What is the size of the Oakley backpack?

There are many sizes for both men, women, younger, and kids. You can choose before you have one.

4. Are Oakley backpacks waterproof?

Yes, the Oakley backpacks are waterproof. You still should check when you are going to buy one.

5. Can I wash Oakley backpacks?

Why not? Of course, you can wash your backpacks.

6. How good are Oakley backpacks?

Well, all the Oakley backpacks are made of best quality waterproof and abrasion-resistant polyester. Thus these backpacks are usually super durable and lightweight as well.

7. How much is an Oakley backpack?

It actually depends on the size, quality, design, and color. You just need to choose one according to your criteria.

8. Are Oakley backpacks good for school?

The Oakley Endure 20L 2.0 backpack is wonderful for school because it has plenty of pockets to store all your school equipment. It’s neither so big nor so small that it’d be a hassle.

9. Do Oakley backpacks have a warranty?

Yes, they have. They have a warranty for one year.

10. If I want a large backpack. Will this brand be good for me?

If you are specifically searching for a big backpack then you are in the right place. You can try Oakley kitchen and Oakley Bathroom backpacks. They have huge space and are multifunctional.

11. Can I take this backpack plus a carry on bag on airplanes?

All of the above backpacks are suitable for carry-on. Some of them can be used as your ‘extra’ bag to go under the seat in front of you, and some as your larger carry-on. So be sure first the dimensions and the airline’s rules before you fly.

12. How do I wash or clean an Oakley backpack?

The backpacks can be cleaned simply with hot water and a small amount of soap.

13. Where can I buy backpacks at cheap prices?

If you’re looking for cheap prices then check out the Amazon store.

Final Words

A backpack is not one dollar worth. It is costly and cannot be bought every month. So while you are going to buy one, you must research and analyze a lot. Though we have discussed here the best 9 affordable Oakley backpacks, primarily you can take a shot from here.

If you do not like it, then wander more until you match your criteria.

You must have to consider size, price, quality, functionality, and so more about the backpack. If your budget is flexible, you must get a better one.

Happy shopping!


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