17 Best TUMI Backpack | Review and Comparison 2021

TUMI backpack

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If you are specifically searching this page then I welcome your valuable decision. Among hundreds of brands, you know this name TUMI because it’s worth to know. The best TUMI backpack is incredibly sturdy, ergonomically designed, and extremely durable. And yes, it has vibrant colors and styles as well.

The question is why will you come back to TUMI again and again?

The quality material, impressive design, convenient and user-friendly structure, backpacks for all ages of people, different types of bags, and what more! These are the things that people usually want. In a word, TUMI backpacks can fulfill all the criteria that you need. And thus, everybody returns in this backpack every time.

Short History of TUMI Inc.

TUMI Holdings, Inc. is a New Jersey-based manufacturer of high-end suitcases and bags for travel. It was founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford after a stint in the Peace Corps in Peru. The company was named after a Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices.

TUMI manufactures backpacks and a high-end suitcase for travel purposes. Besides, they manufacture laptops, bags, and special leather backpacks.

Main Specialty of TUMI

TUMI produces backpacks and these quality products are well-known for their black-on-black ballistic nylon. This material has consisted of high-quality fiber. Though their initial purpose was to manufacture flak jackets that were given to soldiers to protect from obstacles in World War II.

Main Features of TUMI Backpacks

  • Satisfactory Durability

The Ballistic Nylon material which is the main weapon to last long TUMI backpack boasts extremely tough fibers. All the backpacks are super durable and no doubt TUMI secures its position for its quality materials.

  • Comfortable Straps

What will make you so much comfortable while carrying a heavy backpack? Yes, the shoulder straps help you to balance the weight and make you stress-free. TUMI has created its own designed articulating shoulder straps that will help you enormously.

The TUMI backpack’s shoulder straps are well-padded and breathable so that you feel comfortable and your back can be sweating free.

  • Convenient Compartment

Compartments of a backpack play a huge role. Sometimes we don’t buy the bag just due to insufficient chamber.

But here TUMI’s backpacks are great to have plentiful compartments that will make anyone’s happy. It is to mention that most TUMI backpacks have a laptop compartment along with other small pockets that can help you keep small necessary items to have quick access.

  • Design and Style

Who doesn’t want a stylish backpack which will fulfill your all demands? The design and style of a bag are the core attractions of it.

People at first look at its outlook and then the style. Then they go for the materials and other criteria. So design and style are not any less important than any other option.

  • Perfect Size

A perfect size always matters. A bag that doesn’t fit with your body will not bring any fruitful results. Thus, be careful while you are going to buy a bag whether it matches or not.

  • Warranty

There’s a 5-year worry-free warranty for all TUMI backpacks and guaranteed for almost all kinds of damages as well.

Best TUMI Backpacks Review

After a lot of review and analysis, we have come to a decision to narrow down a few of the best TUMI backpacks that can entice you. On the other hand, we have considered the price factor so that everybody can afford any of those.

Backpacks for Men

1. Alpha Bravo Davis Laptop Backpack

Black color Alpha Bravo Davis Laptop Backpack

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If you are really searching for a multi-functioning backpack then Alpha Bravo Davis backpack is the perfectly right choice for you.

It’s a perfect carry-on bag because it has an adjustable shoulder strap and a top carrying loop which is good for the air traveler.

Functionality: Alpha Bravo Davis Laptop Backpack is certainly the best in class functionality. This backpack is versatile and sleek. You can use this for a lot of purposes and you must not disappoint anyhow.

In addition, the adjustable shoulder straps can make you so much comfortable. A dedicated 15” laptop compartment and a padded tablet pocket will make you happy.

This Alpha Bravo Davis bag is perfect as a commuter bag or a carry-on.

Additional features for this Alpha Bravo Davis backpack include a front straight zip pocket with protective lining, a quick access back pocket with hidden magnetic snap, and a webbing top carry handle with a leather accent.

Innovative Design: This awesome and innovative design has been inspired by military gear. This rugged yet refined collection ranges from backpacks to travel kits to messenger bags. With a focus on functionality and versatility, these casual styles will take you from the office to the outdoors and beyond.

TUMI Tracer: This laptop backpack has a TUMI tracer that is exclusively complimentary programmed to help find lost or stolen items.

In a word, Alpha Bravo Davis Laptop Backpack is waterproof and has 5 compartments. It has a laptop sleeve to protect your laptop or tab and it is a medium-sized backpack. You can pick any of the 3 colors. And above all, it has 5 years warranty.

2. Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Laptop Backpack

Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Laptop Backpack

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There are many impressive features of this Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Laptop Backpack that can entice you strongly.

At first, this bag has a bevy of interior and exterior organizational pockets. The amazing part is the dedicated space for a laptop, iPad and other digital essentials. It is a 15” computer bag for both men and women. You can use it comfortably.

What does an exterior pocket do? Well, an exterior pocket includes a waterproof pocket for a water bottle or umbrella. This is made from an extremely durable fabric with a top carry handle. You must be comfortable with the adjustable backpack strap and the easy zip access to the main compartment.

Need to be clear that many TUMI business cases and totes feature a back sleeve that slips over extended luggage handles allowing you to stack and carry heavier bags on your wheeled luggage.

It has a waterproof pocket. This specially designed pocket is ideal for keeping wet and damp items, including umbrellas, water bottles and workout clothes, separate from the other contents of the bag.

This item has an eReader pocket or compartment that is designed to hold eReaders including the iPad, Kindle, and Nook.

TUMI Tracer is the most amazing part of this backpack. If anyhow you lose your bag, you can get it back by using this feature. When you are registering with them, your contact and other detail will be affixed permanently on the special plate and you are worry-free now.

3. TUMI – Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack

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From material to design, this Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack is undoubtedly a superb backpack for anyone.

TUMI – Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack is made of high-quality Nylon which ensures waterproof and inconvenient atmosphere resistance.

This impressive backpack has a multitude of smart interior and exterior organizational pockets. In addition, it has larger side pockets, a dedicated padded 15” laptop compartment, and a padded tablet pocket.

Beyond these, this Alpha Bravo Tyndall features 2 side zip pockets (one with waterproof lining), a back quick-access pocket with hidden magnetic strap, and a top carry handle with leather accent.

TUMI has always prioritized on the design, functionality, and versatility. You can use this amazing backpack from the office to the outdoors and beyond.

Furthermore, they add a bag sleeve to carry items at the same time with one hand.

The dimensions being 18″ x 12″ x 7″ and the weight is 3.56 lbs, this backpack will fulfill all criteria.

The most important shoulder strap is 35” and the handle drop is 2” which is perfect and standard for any person.

Above all, it has a 5-year worry-free warranty.

4. TUMI Men’s Tahoe Innsbruck Backpack

TUMI Men's Tahoe Innsbruck Backpack

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Some backpacks have that once you look cannot turn your eyes away. TUMI Men’s Tahoe Innsbruck is such a backpack that you cannot ignore if you have a flexible budget.

First of all, this bag is made with technical weave fabric that is super durable and lightweight.

It has a padded back that is really comfortable and easy to carry. Your back will barely sweat because the meshed back pad is ergonomically designed.

There are padded laptop and tablet compartments that fit most 15″ laptops. You won’t be disappointed.

You will find a big chamber for your books or clothes and other small chambers are for keeping your small items like keys, pens, calculators, and so on. Besides, a keyholder is attached to it.

In the big compartments, you will get zip exterior pockets, zippered interior pockets, and patch interior pockets that will make it easier to keep your stuff and easy access to your most necessary things.

The zippers are highly smooth and strong. Two side zippers will make you more comfortable to open either side at once.

And the TUMI Tracer is attached to all the TUMI backpacks that will help you to find your lost backpack.

Last, a 5-year warranty will ensure your worry-free buying.

5. TUMI Men’s Tahoe Crestview Backpack

mens tahoe best tumi backpack

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I know it sounds crazy when a backpack is $450. At the same time, I can ensure you that this backpack having amazing features with it is worth the price.

At first, the TUMI Men’s Tahoe Crestview Backpack is made of high-quality technical weave fabric which makes your backpack super lightweight and highly durable. Sometimes you may be tired using the same backpack for a long time.

Now come to the compartment. There are 3 big separate compartments in where one of them is for keeping your valuable laptop. It can hold up to 15” laptop.

Other chambers will allow you to keep your essential books or clothes and the small items in it.

The elastic earbud pocket on the backpack strap helps you so much as well. The super meshed back panel lets you back dry even in hot.

Now the zippers. The zippers are high quality thus it is smooth and sturdy. The webbed-nylon daisy chain is to attach accessories.

The zip exterior pockets, patch interior pockets, zip interior pockets will make your life easier.

Last, the TUMI Tracer is amazing that if you lost your backpack, you can find it by using it. So this is a fantastic backpack.

6. TUMI Men’s Tahoe Westlake Backpack

TUMI Men's Tahoe Westlake Backpack

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$495 just for a backpack? Ridiculous huh! No no no, absolutely not. TUMI backpacks are a bit costlier than others but remember they are worth it.

Let’s be honest, if you compare this backpack with the other, will they be the same? Yes, you may get a lot of backpacks at $100 but these high valued backpacks are also worth the price.

The quality is above everything. Design and functionality are beyond saying as well. It looks superb.

Due to technical weave fabric, this bag is incredibly durable and lightweight. A lot of features will make you happy as well.

A leather top handle is on the top of the bag and you can find it comfortable and great.

The most effective compartment to all is a laptop compartment. You can put a 15” laptop in the laptop chamber and other chambers will let you keep small and medium-sized items.

The impressive feature is the well-padded back. The meshed super comfortable x indicator back pad is great to carry your heavy bag. In addition, the shoulder straps are as comfortable as the back pad as well.

The attractive zip at the top is nice too. It looks a bit different from others.

TUMI Men’s Tahoe Westlake Backpack has a height of 17.25in / 44cm which is really great.

Furthermore, zip exterior pockets, zippered interior pockets, and patch interior pockets will help you a lot.

And last, the TUMI Tracer is always by you to help you out if you lose your bag.

7. TUMI Men’s Ashton Dolton Flap Backpack

TUMI Men's Ashton Dolton Flap Backpack

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Sometimes it will be really ridiculous seeing the price at first like a backpack for $850 or $1200, right?

Look, if you want a super, gorgeous, multifunctional, and lightweight backpack, you must search for TUMI backpacks.

When a backpack is really costly, there must be some reasons. You may see a lot of backpacks that are cheap and very affordable compared to this TUMI backpacks but do you really think they are like TUMI bags?

TUMI always pays heed to the quality at first. And then the others.

Is this bag durable?

Ashton Dolton Flap Backpack is made of original cowhide and thus it is super durable and waterproof. At the same time, it will be so much difficult for anyone to steal anything from this great bag.

It is not necessary for its durability because you may be exhausted using this backpack at a stretch for a long time.

TUMI Men’s Ashton Dolton Flap Backpack has smooth leather with textured panels. In addition, awesome padded back and straps are unbelievably comfortable too.

The 2 big compartments are satisfactory to keep your essential stuff in it. This bag is very easy to use as well.

You can use this bag from the office to school. A short trip or a casual trip will be nice with this bag too. So you can gift it to your son or husband.

The zippers are smooth enough and sturdy too.

However, every element in this bag is inexpressibly fantastic. Yes, this backpack is costly but it’s worth it.

Last, the TUMI Tracer is always there to help you if you just lost your precious backpack anywhere.

8. TUMI – Harrison Bates Leather Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Harrison Bates Leather Laptop Backpack

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There are some backpacks that you cannot get even if you have a lot of money. You may have enormous money but sometimes you cannot get such backpacks without some specific brands. Such a brand is TUMI.

The look of the Harrison Bates Leather Backpack is incredibly superb. It is simply the best. All the elements in it are fantastic.

The Harrison Bates Leather Laptop Backpack has double zip entry to the main compartment. It has 2 front zip pockets, retractable leather top handle, leather-wrapped and padded/adjustable backpack straps, hanging luggage tag, and so on.

What size of a laptop can you put in the laptop chamber?

You can certainly hold a 14-inch laptop in your padded laptop compartment. Besides, you will have 2 open pockets, and 1 zip pocket on the front wall.

What is the material?

This is the Pebbled Leather which is extremely durable and waterproof. This super durable bag may make you exhausted for the last several years.

What are the dimensions?

Dimensions in inches: 16.5″ x 11.5″ x 3″; Shoulder strap: 33″; Handle drop: 1.8″; Weight in pounds: 2.9 lbs. All of them are really perfect for users.

The Harrison collection is a sophisticated series of highly functional day bags and accessories that embody both timeless and modern style. This handsomely constructed bag features comfortable padded backpack straps, dedicated space for your laptop or tablet and a multitude of pockets for daily essentials.

Backpacks for Women

9. Voyageur Dori Small Laptop TUMI Backpack for Women

Voyageur Dori Small Laptop TUMI Backpack for Women

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Any particular backpack for women? Yes, of course. There are hundreds of backpacks for women out there. TUMI has such amazing backpacks particularly for women as well.

What kind of lady’s backpack will you select usually?

The backpacks that are perfect for your workday or weekend essentials will be suitable for your carrying bag. It must have multiple pockets so that you can keep your stuff separately in different pockets.

Let’s see what has in this Voyageur Dori Small Laptop TUMI Backpack for Women. This backpack is incredibly sleek and lightweight. It is designed with multiple pockets for ease, convenience, and total versatility.

If you are thinking about the compartment and the storage capacity, that is logical as well. Well, while compact, it’s still roomy enough for your workday or weekend essentials, and includes a separate laptop compartment 12”.

This Voyageur Dori has a purposeful design and style that TUMI never compromises with anything.

In addition, this nylon backpack includes a quick-access phone pocket with a magnetic snap, a leather top handle, and padded adjustable shoulder straps.

What is the dimension of this backpack?

Dimensions in inches: 12.75″ x 10″ x 4.5″; the weight in pounds: 1.15 lbs; and fits up to 12” laptop; the shoulder strap: 21”; and handle drop: 2”.

What do you need more in such a small and convenient backpack?

Furthermore, the Voyageur Dori Small Laptop TUMI Backpack has an additional bag sleeve that can be carried items at the same time with one hand.

And above all, the TUMI Tracer is a great help in your unlucky days. If you lose your backpack, you can find it by the tracer attached to it.

10. TUMI – Voyageur Hagen Laptop Backpack For Women

TUMI - Voyageur Hagen Laptop Backpack For Women

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Some backpacks are versatile and you can use it on any casual occasion. This Voyageur Hagen Laptop Backpack is one of them. It is small and easy to carry but it carries a lot.

This backpack is made in the USA.

It has a double entry to the main compartment which is extremely comfortable. There is a U-zip pocket, a front straight pocket with locking zipper pull, side-zip media pocket, and so on.

You can carry a 12” laptop in it with safety.

The internal features are:

  • 1 large open pocket
  • 2 open pockets
  • Zip pocket with TUMI Tracer
  • Water-resistant water bottle pocket
  • Card pocket
  • Key leash

The external features are:

  • Double-zip entry to the main compartment
  • Double-zip entry to front U-zip pocket
  • Front straight pocket with locking zipper pull
  • Side-zip media pocket
  • Quick-access phone pocket with magnetic snap
  • Zip access to collapsible interior water-resistant water bottle pocket
  • Leather top handle
  • Monogrammed and detachable leather dangler/keyring
  • Add-a-Bag sleeve
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps

So with the dimensions of 14.3,” x 11.5″ x 5.5″ this small laptop backpack’s shoulder strap is 31″, the handle drop is 2”, and the weight in pounds is 1.3 lbs.

In a word, this TUMI – Voyageur Hagen Laptop Backpack for Women is so much perfect for the women. They can use this bag as they wish.

11. TUMI – Voyageur Troy Crossbody Satchel Bag for Women

TUMI - Voyageur Troy Crossbody Satchel Bag for Women

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This is a great bag for jet setters and commuters alike. Voyageur Troy Crossbody Satchel Bag is really amazing to use. This cute little travel case is the perfect size for your essentials.

It has several interior and exterior pockets that are, in fact, useful and purposeful.

Practically this bag is versatile, lightweight, nylon made, stylish, and well-designed backpack.

An adjustable and removable strap will help you carry stuff comfortably.

Main Features:

  • Several interior and exterior pockets
  • An adjustable and removable strap
  • Purposeful, practical design
  • Versatile and lightweight nylon backpacks
  • TUMI key leash
  • Detachable leather keyring
  • TUMI’s specially-designed pocket for quick access
  • TUMI Tracer

So for a short or casual trip, this backpack is great for women. They can carry all their necessary stuff in it from cosmetics to toiletries. This is awesomely helpful.

Last of all the TUMI Tracer will always be helpful to find your bag if you lose it anyhow.

12. TUMI – Georgica Mica Backpack

TUMI - Georgica Mica Backpack

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Leather tab with turn-lock closure, Georgica Mica Backpack one of the best choices for the women. All the women can take this bag with them from the office to a casual party.

The look of this cute backpack is so attractive. Featuring a lot, Georgica Mica Backpack can be the perfect choice for the ladies.

The magnetic closure of this backpack secures your valuables from thieves and pickpockets.

External Features:

  • Leather tab with turn-lock closure
  • Leather top handle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Magnetic slip pocket on back converts to Add-a-Bag sleeve
  • Removable pouch magnetic flap closure
  • Back zip pocket
  • Backcard pocket
  • D-ring for the wristlet strap

Internal Features:

  • Hanging zip pocket with card pocket
  • Padded open pocket
  • Media pocket
  • Detachable key leash doubles as wristlet strap for removable pouch
  • TUMI Tracer
  • Removable pouch features
  • 2 card pockets

The material used in it is leather which is why this is very much durable and waterproof.

The dimensions are 13.3″ x 4.8″ x 11.3″ while the shoulder strap is 33.3″. The weight of the backpack is 2.9 lbs along with the 2.8” handle top.

TUMI – Georgica Mica Backpack is perfect for travel or busy city days. This is certainly an elegant leather cute backpack that is lightly structured and fitted with internal organizer pockets.

It is expertly crafted and artfully detailed and thus Georgica Mica backpack features minimally adorned backpacks, totes, and carryalls in rich pebbled leather.

13. TUMI – Voyageur Sheryl Business Laptop Tote for Women

TUMI - Voyageur Sheryl Business Laptop Tote for Women

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A backpack can be the best friend basically when you are traveling. If the bag is really good, you may relieve from hard and painful carrying. So why don’t you let Sheryl Business Tote become your best business partner?

Best business partner? Yes, it is. Let’s see how!

This will make you look good at first. With the three compartments, you can keep your different items in separate compartments according to your will.

Your work documents and laptop will be secured in the compartments that are proportioned to. In addition, a wealth of pockets is to keep your essentials organized and secured.

Add-a-Bag Sleeve will help you out carrying this bag with your luggage and you can carry this with one hand.

The TUMI Tracer is an exclusive and complimentary program that helps reunite TUMI customers with their lost or stolen items. So don’t worry even you lose your bag somehow.

TUMI’s padded laptop compartment provides enhanced protection for laptops or eReaders no matter where your commute takes you.

And TUMI’s specially-designed pocket for quick access to your phone will keep it in just the right place for easy access.

14. TUMI – Voyageur Canton Leather Crossbody Bag

TUMI - Voyageur Canton Leather Crossbody Bag

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A sleek option that’s so much perfect for work, travel, and everyday outings. The zippered main compartment opens to reveal a roomy interior with two additional smaller pockets including one that zips to keep your smaller things organized.

A pocket on a magnetic snap which is absolutely the perfect place to stash your quick-access items. This backpack is a practical design that doesn’t compromise on style by any means.

TUMI tracer, key leash, detachable leather key ring, zipper pull, and many more impressive features can be found in this bag.

In a word, this is a versatile backpack that is great for women.

15. TUMI – Mezzanine Sherri Square Leather Crossbody Satchel Bag for Women

Mezzanine Crossbody Satchel Bag

Check The Price on Amazon

A crossbody satchel bag is most important if you are going to your work or any casual trip. If it is made of leather, it must be awesome.

This square crossbody is 100% perfect and handy to use for carrying your essentials in style. Looking cook and compact. An exterior slip pocket is used for your mobile device and other small items.

This cute square crossbody satchel has a removable strap and you can remove it and make your bag looking different at any time you want.

Main Features

  • Zip entry to main and back compartments
  • Front zip pocket
  • Back slip pocket
  • Leather top handle
  • Removable adjustable crossbody strap with speed clip
  • Monogrammable leather dangler
  • Zip pocket
  • 2 open gusseted pockets
  • 3 card pockets
  • TUMI tracer
  • Key leash
  • Material: Leather

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions in inches: 6″ x 7″ x 3.3″; Shoulder strap: 54″; Handle drop: 1″; Weight in pounds: 1.5 lbs.

It does without saying, TUMI – Mezzanine Sherri Square Leather Crossbody Satchel Bag for Women is soft, supple leather and these styles are sure to become instant classics.

You can have this without any hesitation.

Backpacks for Men and Women

16. TUMI – Harrison Seneca Leather Laptop Slim Briefcase for Unisex

Harrison Seneca Leather Laptop Slim Briefcase

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The Harrison Seneca is a sophisticated bag for both men and women. Everyone can use this bag for their own needs. This is roomy, highly functional day bags for all the professional and non-professional persons.

The design and style of this backpack are timeless and modern style. This refined slim brief is ideal for them who usually are on the move. It boasts deluxe accommodations for your laptop, iPad and other numerous essentials.

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions in inches: 11″ x 15.5″ x 2″; Shoulder strap: 53″; Handle drop: 4.3″; Weight in pounds: 2.9 lbs.

Main Features

  • Center compartment with magnetic snap closure
  • 1 back pocket with magnetic snap closure
  • Leather top handles with metal connectors
  • D-rings on either side connect the detachable shoulder strap
  • Accommodates 14-inch laptop
  • Zip pocket with TUMI ID Lock protective lining,
  • 1 open pocket
  • 1 media pocket
  • 2 pen loops
  • 2 card pockets
  • key leash
  • Material: Pebbled Leather

This Harrison Seneca Leather Laptop backpack is all you need. You can use it randomly and casually.

As the bag is so sturdy, you can use it as you wish because it will never let you down.

17. TUMI – V3 Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case Large Suitcase

V3 Extended Trip Expandable Suitcase

Check The Price on Amazon

A very stylish and well-designed packing case that is constructed from a special, multi-layer polycarbonate alloy formulation, V3 is extremely durable, remarkably light and ready for the journey ahead.

This extra-large expandable case is quite ideal for extended business and leisure trips, or for two traveling together. You can have a worry-free trip with this suitcase.

Having the hardshell, V3 with its four-wheel system ensures effortless maneuverability in every direction.

This bag is lightweight due to its special design and solid high-quality material. V3 is designed for convenient, lightweight mobility while meeting TUMI’s rigorous durability standards for checked luggage.

V3 offers an additional 2 inches of packing space with a 19% increase in capacity with a zipper to zipper expansion.

Not only this but also it has an omega closure system. TUMI’s patented closure system significantly reduces the risk of damage to the zipper. It has great characteristics that if it’s caught once, it will break and you can change or replace the puller system immediately.

And the TUMI tracer. It certainly helps people a lot. You can find your lost luggage by its unique 20-digit individual product number printed on a special metal plate that is permanently affixed to Tumi products. So no worry.

So TUMI – V3 Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case Large Suitcase is one of the best luggage that you can buy without any hesitation.

Happy buying.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why is the TUMI backpack so expensive?

TUMI backpack is so expensive because they use high-quality materials. They produce very softly, ultra-functional, ballistic nylon travel bags with the connivance of modern technology.

Quality of zippers, shoulder straps, back panel, separate compartments, and other related materials are the best quality that they always maintain.

Other impressive and exceptional features such as TUMI ID Lock™ and TUMI Tracer have directly differed TUMI from other backpacks. All of these features make actually TUMI expensive.

2. Is TUMI worth the price?

Certainly, it is. As TUMI uses all the best materials in their products, the products become super durable, lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable. You can use it in any hazardous situation. So, yes, TUMI backpacks are worth the price.

3. Are TUMI backpacks waterproof?

No, most of them are not waterproof but yes, they are water-resistant. Actually these backpacks are not made for rugged expeditions. You can use these backpacks in the air, train, or car travel. Some of them have a small waterproof compartment, though.

4. What are the alternatives to TUMI backpacks?

TUMI is compared only with TUMI. Anyway, if you desperately want alternatives to TUMI, you can try North Face Backpacks, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann Luggage, Samsonite, Travelpro, Victorinox, Solo.

5. What are the available colors of TUMI backpacks?

Black is always on the top of the list. It is very common and looks very attractive. Besides it, you can find Anthracite, Ocean Blue, Grey, Reflective Silver, Crimson, Mint, Earl Grey, and more.

6. Can you take this backpack plus a carry-on bag on airplanes?

Mostly yes for the medium to small backpacks. You can easily keep your bag under the seat or above your head on the plane. All of these backpacks are supposed to suit as a carry on backpack.

7. Are TUMI backpacks anti-theft?

Actually no. Most of the TUMI backpacks are usual and functional like other backpacks. But the quality is beyond question and thus it will be so tough for a thief to steal something from it.

8. Are TUMI backpacks bulletproof?

No, though the TUMI backpacks are not bulletproof nevertheless it is not easy to cut or steal from it. The leather backpacks are quite impossible to cut and steal from them.

9. How do you wash or clean a TUMI backpack?

First, wipe dirt off with a dry cloth or brush and the polish if needed because some TUMI offers it to do for the ballistic nylon cloth.

For the leather backpacks, there is a TUMI leather conditioner, but be cautious because this product is not for suede and must be used in small amounts and carefully on some special types of leather.

10. How much are TUMI backpacks?

The price differs from bag to bag. The quality, design, style, durability, and other factors work here to fix the price of a backpack. Generally, TUMI backpacks range from $150 to $1400.

11. Has TUMI backpack GPS?

In fact, TUMI backpacks have a tracer that is able to find a lost backpack’s location. And then yes, it has such a system.

12. Do TUMI backpacks have a guaranty?

Yes, each TUMI backpack has a 5-year warranty. But you must have to buy the backpacks from the TUMI authorized shops.

13. Is TUMI backpack heavy?

Most of the TUMI backpacks are ultralight, durable, and comfortable. Some may be a bit heavy due to its heavy construction and materials.

14. Where can you buy TUMI backpacks at cheaper prices or on sale?

Generally, you can find all kinds of TUMI backpacks on Amazon. In addition, sometimes you can get one of these backpacks for 10% or more less than the listed price on Amazon.

Final Words

TUMI is, undoubtedly, one of the best-branded backpacks in the world. One who uses quality backpacks, he/she knows about the brand. However, the price of the TUMI backpacks may be a bit more than the other brands, but yes, the price is worth it. You must check the criteria you need first and then the price. You won’t be disappointed in using TUMI backpacks.


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