9 Best Vaschy Backpacks: Review and Comparison

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Vaschy is the brand for active and casual. With the motto, Vaschy offers an assortment of accessories and bags for everyday use. They are committed to delivering premium designs. Being a renowned brand, Vaschy releases a wide range of bags. They provide backpacks from pre-schoolers to hiking backpacks for adults.

Now we will review some of the best and popular Vaschy backpacks so that you can pick the right one.

A brand gets popularity when it is able to fulfill the demand of the customers. They keep their eyes on from the children to adults. All kinds and sizes backpacks they care about.

Most of the products they produce are water-resistant. Laptop sleeves are added and quality zippers are maintained. Their main purpose is to produce a quality product which attracts the most to all.

As the high-quality product is their main concern, they provide a warranty with the product to make sure the product sold in the good condition in that period. If anything goes wrong by that time, they are committed to change the product.

Everyone chooses it because the Vaschy backpacks are cool, sturdy, durable, and stylish.

Why Vaschy Backpacks?

There are certainly many reasons to choose to buy Vaschy backpacks. The features of the Vaschy backpacks make it special.

  • Materials

What will you consider first when you are going to a bag? Yes, that is, certainly, materials of that backpack. If the materials are good enough, you can trust the bag and decide to buy it. In addition, the durability is strongly linked to the quality materials.

Vaschy Backpacks use high-quality material to make the bags last long. They use durable components like cotton, nylon, polyester, vegan leather, and leather.

  • Size

Size matters. The best backpack can be useless if the size doesn’t match with your own size. So when you are going to buy this fantastic backpack, you must think of the perfect size.

On the other hand, what amount of stuff you need to carry is also a factor that whether you need to buy a big one or a small one.

  • Lightweight

You must prioritize your Vaschy classic backpack or Vaschy travel backpack as if your bag is lightweight. Sometimes due to the bag’s weight, you can put others stuff hardly which is a troublesome matter. So it is not a matter of forgetting.

  • Straps

It does without saying, straps are incredibly important for carrying a heavy load because padded straps help you to carry those loads.

A thick padded comfortable strap can disburse the weight equally so that you can carry the load without any extra effort.

Are compartments and warranty important?
  • Compartment

The next thing you must consider is the compartment. Separate compartments allow you to keep identical stuff in the chamber. The laptop compartment is just for keeping a laptop or that sized electrical device. Mesh pockets, side pockets, and other compartments should be considerable.

  • Style and color options

Style and color vary man to man. Vaschy Backpacks have many different colors and styles. You can pick one. There are hundreds of designs to pick one too.

  • Warranty

Good backpacks have a warranty with it. Vaschy Backpacks have a warranty and it is, of course, a good sign that you will have a warranty.

Some of the backpacks have a 3-month warranty while others have a one year warranty.

9 Best Vaschy Backpacks Review

Here we are going to review 9 best Vaschy Backpacks.

1. Lightweight Slim 17″ Laptop Backpack for Men

Lightweight Slim Laptop Backpack for Men

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At first, this Vaschy laptop backpack is very slim and lightweight as well. The laptop backpack is made of water-resistant Polyester and thus it protects your valuables from getting wet. In addition, as the materials used here are superb, your backpack will be very lightweight and sturdy. The design is impressive and the size is perfect. Most importantly, it has come with a waterproof rain cover.


These Vaschy school backpacks have multi-compartments. At first, the main compartment is double zippered closure. The laptop chamber is well padded and it can hold a 17-inch laptop. In addition, there is a sleeve on the laptop chamber so that it doesn’t fall down when even you are upside-down opening your zippers.

To add more, there is an exterior secret back zipper pocket where you can keep your valuable things. Furthermore, an adjustable padded reinforced strap and two small straps are for holding your sunglasses.


If anyone knows the dimensions of each and every corner of the bag, it becomes easier to estimate keeping things.

  • External dimension: 12.6×19.7×4.7inch or 32x50x12cm
  • Front pocket           :  9.8×12.6in or 25x32cm (WxH)
  • back pocket             : 6.7×8.7in or 17x22cm
  • Strap width             :  3inch or 7.5cm
  • Adjustable Strap length: 21inch or 53-96cm
  • Laptop compartment :11.8×13.8×1.6in or 30x35x4cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight                     : 13.6lb or 0.62KG
  • Volume                    : 19.2L


This Vaschy classic backpack has a universal USB built in it. Hence you can plug into your laptop or any chargeable electronic device with your own power bank that should be inside of your bag as well. You just put your portable charger cable into your backpack and connect the internal USB charging cable. And then connect the charging cable with the external USB charging port to charge your electronic device and that’s it. Easy access and convenient to charge.


The Vaschy messenger bag is a heavy-duty shoulder bag. With the one year warranty, you will get enough time to find its faults.

Certainly, this is suitable for those who like casual. This Vaschy messenger bag is perfect for students, business professionals or travelers as well to make a fashion statement.


  • Stylish and multi-functional
  • Heavy-duty shoulder messenger bag
  • Polyester fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded panel
  • Big separate compartments with hidden pockets
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • A slim handle
  • Sunglasses hanger on the shoulder strap
  • A front quick-access pocket
  • Ergonomic, dual padded, reinforced, adjustable shoulder straps


  • Limited colors

2. VASCHY Canvas Laptop (15.6″) Backpack for Men

VASCHY Canvas Laptop

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At first, a backpack that we use is not only for carrying our essential belongings but also it is fashionable too. This Vaschy backpack is a fashionable backpack. Similarly, Vaschy Canvas laptop backpack is designed with top quality genuine leather and waxed canvas. As a result, it is durable and water-resistant.

This backpack is simple and gorgeous but high class. In addition, it is a spacious canvas backpack that is crafted with 18 oz waxed canvas material.

Now the vintage design. It is a rectangle, streamlined shape for two top handles. One is for hand toting and another is for adjustable backpack straps. For this reason, these make it easy and comfortable to carry. Furthermore, there are two water bottle pockets on both sides.


As the main compartment of the laptop backpack is with zipper closure, this bag is secured from thieves. It will be hard to pick anything from your backpack.


This great Vaschy canvas laptop backpack has enough space to get your valuables. It has water bottle pockets on both of sides. A15.6 inch laptop can be held in it. There are a mesh pocket and some small pockets inside it for keeping small items.

Except for it, there is a front pocket with a magnetic buckle for easy access and a leather key clip. Besides you will find a zipped back pocket, an adjustable reinforced strap, and earphones to enjoy music. In addition, two webbed top handles with magnetic buckles for protecting from being theft.


Beyond question, this bag has enough space to hold your laptop as well as books, notebooks, etc. Similarly, it has compartments to store basic necessities such as keys, calculator, cellphone, camera, and many more.


Vaschy laptop backpack is giving you a 1-year warranty. You can use this bag for tourism, hiking, short trips, mountaineering, camping, and so many purposes.


  • Premium quality
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Secured and nice
  • Ergonomic, dual padded, reinforced
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Fully-padded back panels
  • Interior and secret pockets
  • Sturdy leather hanging hook
  • Good storage capacity


  • The front pocket can easily be pick-pocketed

3. Vaschy Casual Water-resistant Camping Daypack

Vaschy Casual Water-Resistant Camping Daypack

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Vaschy water-resistant camping backpack is a very awesome bag for its outstanding features. This bag will make you fully satisfied.


At first, the Vaschy Casual Water-resistant Camping Daypack is made of high quality water-resistant and lightweight Polyester. Hence, it ensures durability and ultralight. So, the smooth SBS Zipper is also a mentionable point here. Every pull on the zipper allows you to slide it smoothly and easily.

Now the pads. The pads of the back are adjustable and reinforced while the shoulder straps are breathable and soft thus the air passes perfectly. For this reason, you can carry that bag for a long time without any stress.

As the materials used here are durable, it can be used as Vaschy school backpacks. This Vaschy small backpack can be the favorite choice for school, college, and university students.


This bag is, certainly, spacious enough to hold your all necessary stuff. At first, the main compartment has a laptop compartment that can protect your 15.6inch laptop. Moreover, there are 5 interior pockets to keep your small items.


Vaschy lightweight backpack is comfortable to hang on your back or shoulder. As there are different sized pockets, you can use those according to your need. The side pockets are very convenient to hold your bottle, umbrella, and other small things.


This Vaschy backpack provides a one year warranty.


  • High-quality Polyester
  • Smooth SBS zipper
  • Two leather buckle on the front pocket
  • Mesh pockets
  • Laptop compartment
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Straps are strong
  • Rainproof and top cover
  • Strong magnets


  • There is NO padding on the bottom of the laptop or on the backside
  • The water bottle holders are pathetically small
  • The straps on the back of the bag are not elastic

Some Backpacks You May Choose

4. VASCHY Sling Mini Backpack

VASCHY Sling Mini Backpack

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Sling bags can be of any use in our daily life. This backpack can be used either a sling bag or a regular backpack.


First of all, VASCHY Sling Mini Backpack is made of durable Polyester. Actually these fabrics are popular with people. For this reason, this material helps the bag to make ultra-strong and heavy-duty. Vaschy high-quality backpacks are slim, comfortable and secure necessities on adventures abroad or around town as a handy carry on.


VASCHY Sling Mini Backpack has a main compartment with double-zipper closure. You will find one exterior front zipper pocket and one mesh pocket. In addition, there is an extra-long zipper puller which is adjustable and reinforced. Thus, the strap can be used as a sling bag or a mini backpack.

Furthermore, there is plenty of room in the bag. You can put your belongings separately to find out quickly. Zip pockets add a nice touch to the exterior. The pockets allow you to keep keys, cellphone, wallet, and so on. The extra-long puller helps the zipper to slide smoothly.


You can buy this product with confidence because Vaschy provides a one year warranty.


To be honest, the Vaschy mini backpack is great for girls who usually like casual. This backpack has the easy functionality of a classic backpack. Sling backpack is easy to handle.

Finally, this nice mini backpack is recommended for daily casual use, travel, and so on.


  • Durable polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Ultra-strong
  • Slim and comfortable
  • Convertible
  • Enough space
  • Extra-long zipper puller
  • Adjustable strap from 26-35inch


  • It may be a bit smaller for some users

5. VASCHY Hiking Backpack (26.8L)

VASCHY Hiking Backpack (26.8L)

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Vaschy hiking backpack has a high performance. There are many nice features that this hiking backpack can be your best choice.


To begin with, the VASCHY Hiking Backpack is made of super lightweight waterproof polyester. Thus the water-resistance and durability are amazing. The heavy-duty material and high-quality zippers have made this hiking backpack great.


First of all, 26.8L in your backpack is not a less amount. You can hopefully pack all of your necessary stuff. It is comfortable too. Furthermore, the shoulder strap is padded with breathable mesh. This soft pad reduces the weight on your shoulder and hence you feel comfortable. In addition, the sternum strap is to connect your shoulder straps across your chest and you must feel comfortable too.


You can organize this bag as you wish. The top-loading compartment is for storing your gear. Other two main compartments are for small items and necessary stuff because they have small and zippered pockets for easy going.


This Vaschy Collapsible backpack can be packed into a small bag by folding it into the front pocket. In addition, it comes with a silver hook to hang and the Vaschy outdoor backpack is a great backpack for traveling, camping, hiking, and so on. Except for it, there is an earphone port attached to it for the music lovers.


You will find one year warranty with it for your convenience.


  • Waterproof due to durable polyester
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • High-quality zippers
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Huge capacity
  • The reinforced design ensures durability and light carry weight
  • Shoulder straps feature breathable cushioning
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit
  • Several compartments for small accessories
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Easy organizable
  • Collapsible and packable
  • Warranty


  • No advisable suggestion has been found

6. Vaschy Reusable Lunch Bag for Men

Vaschy Reusable Lunch Bag for Men

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The lunch bag is badly in need while you are going to the office or work. Additionally, to carry food from home rather than buying from outside, a reusable lunch bag helps you out from this problem. Let’s see some features of it.


First of all, if you look inside the lunch bag, you will judge yourself that this bag is awesomely neat in design. Besides, you can keep soft drinks, sandwiches, and snacks inside it. And thus Vaschy Reusable Lunch Bag is a versatile insulated lunch cooler bag.

It is made from water-resistant polyester fabric and features a square shape with an insulated interior. Cleaning and wiping are also very easy.


The lunch box bag has consisted of a zippered around the main compartment and a front pocket for the small items. Hence, you can keep your water bottle in the side pocket.

There are 2 ways to carry it. As it has a buckle design handle, you can carry this lunch box bag on your backpack. And additionally, if you hold it on your shoulder, your hands will be free.


To keep your food fresh and safe, the liner should be insulated. In fact, the polyester aluminum food safe lining that has been used in this lunch box bag is not only durable and tear-resistant but also easy to wipe and clean.

In addition, it is to remember that the interior of this lunch box bag has so high-density thermal insulation so that the food and drinks inside it keeps cold or hot for hours.


You can buy this Vaschy reusable lunch bag with confidence with its 6 months warranty.


Vaschy reusable lunch bag can be used as a lunch bag or a cooler bag. Honestly speaking, this bag is really perfect for both men and women for carrying food. However, Vaschy reusable lunch bag offers you a good lunch bag to have fresh and healthy food.


  • Adjustable side pocket
  • Back pocket
  • Durable buckles
  • Two way smooth zippers
  • A small laptop can be kept
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Buckle design handle
  • Convenient for University students
  • Durable for school lunch
  • Modern for office lunch
  • Insulated lunch bag
  • Waterproof


  • Suggestions not available

7. VASCHY Preschool Backpack

VASCHY Preschool Backpack

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VASCHY Preschool Backpack is a durable, stylish, comfortable, and spacious bag. This Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks for Boys and Girls are really great to use.


When it’s a kid backpack, the colors, and the designs must be childlike. This design is the spirit of a kid’s imagination and fashion. It is most noteworthy that loving artists have always prioritized on the kid’s demand.


VASCHY Preschool Backpack is really easy to organize. It seems very easy to open and close zipper tags. For kids, there is a main zippered pocket and two side pockets for keeping water. In addition, there is a top loop for storage and others.


Though the preschool backpack looks slim the space to keep stuff is great. As a result, you can take almost all of your necessary things. Even more, there is an 11.5L. The inner divider that fits an A4 tablet, books, etc. Besides, it can hold a lunch bag, water bottle, books and so on.


This VASCHY Preschool Backpack is made of high durable polyester thus it is water-resistant and lightweight. The nice and comfortable child-sized backpack is perfect for toddlers. To add more, there are an adjustable padded shoulder strap and a chest strap that help them to balance the bag equally to the whole body.


Finally, a year warranty ensures your worry-free using and if any manufacturing defects happen, you are getting a new one. So no worry. This small backpack is really a wonderful gift for the lovely children.

8. Vaschy Faux Leather Small Backpack for Women 

Vaschy Faux Leather Small Backpack for Women

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Vaschy lady’s backpack is a durable and wonderful backpack. For this reason, women find this backpack super to use.

There are many nice features of this small backpack for women. Let’s check it out.


Pink faux-leather mini backpack for women is a chic and edgy style which is great for girls or women. Besides, this mini backpack is spacious enough to carry your valuables. The zippered pockets keep you organized. Adjustable shoulder straps are for comfortable wear and the full zipper closure is for keeping your stuff secured.


This Vaschy Faux Leather Small Backpack for Women is made from vegan leather which is incredibly soft and water-resistant as well. The zippers are smooth and it has extra long puller so that you can easily open and close your bag.


This pink mini backpack for women has two main compartments with multiple pockets. In addition, the exterior pockets help you keep your wallets, phone, keys, and small items type stuff. Finally, a faux leather small backpack can give you a classical vibe.

This small backpack is great for dating, shorts trips, gym sports, school, and so on.


Vaschy Small Backpack for Women has a year warranty and you can buy this product with confidence.

This Vaschy small backpack is a wonderful choice to gift your mother, lover, and any lady dear ones.


  • Mini backpack handbag with studded, looped zipper pull
  • Double main compartment with multiple organization pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Earphone port for you the listen to the music on-the-go
  • Zipper closure keeps your belongings secure
  • Classic mini-dome body shape is stylish and functional
  • Front zipped pocket provides quick access to essential items


  • The side pockets don’t regular sized stuff

9. VASCHY Lunch Box Bag for Girls

VASCHY Lunch Box Bag for Girls

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This style and shape VASCHY Lunch Box Bag is mainly for girls. There are many colors available to pick one. This lunch box for girls contains many features. Let’s discuss it.


The loving artists using their sense of wonder have designed such childlike bags. It represents the spirits of imagination and fashion. The little ones love it very much.


This VASCHY Lunch Box Bag for Girls is stain resistant and you can certainly wash is by machine. The high-quality zippers are smooth for opening and closing the bag. In addition, the stitching is very neat. You can keep your lunch box and water bottle upright at the flat bottom.


Simply you can carry this lunch box in your hands. Moreover, you can use your shoulder with the shoulder strap then your hands will go free. The smooth zip closure at the top is to prevent your stuff from falling out. Furthermore, you can fold this lunch box bag flat to the store while you do not use it.


The Vaschy lunch tote insulated by neoprene. It is PVC and lead-free which is good for health. It is made of 4.5mm thick neoprene that can perfectly preserve your food’s cold or hot temperature for up to 4 hours.


Vaschy lunch bag is provided 3 months warranty. If anything happens by this time, you will get a new one. So no worry. This lunch box bag for girls can be used for work, school, college, picnic, and so more.


  • Unique design
  • Stain-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality zippers
  • Enough space
  • Durable materials
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Insulated 4.5mm thick neoprene
  • Food’s cold or hot temperature for up to 4 hours


  • This lunch bag does not fit normal food storage containers
  • There is a sight chemical-ish odor but it will dissipate with use

Who are Vaschy Backpacks Made for?

To start with, Vaschy is a very popular brand. Vaschy provides backpacks for almost all kinds of people ages supposedly from kids to old. Male and females both love these bags for their personal needs.

Most of the backpacks are made from high-quality materials. In addition, fashionable designs are its main features. As there is no scarcity of colors and styles, children to adults are very fan of it.

Finally, if you want to buy a Vaschy bag for your child, you can. You can just make a choice and according to your needs, just pick one which suits you best.


If you want to compare this Vaschy backpack with other backpacks, you must consider size, functionality, price, product materials, and so on.

Vaschy Vs Herschel

At first, Vaschy Vs Herschel both of the brands are awesome. Both of them have high-quality material backpacks for all ages of people.

Then, colors, structures, designs may not vary significantly because every brand has its own motto and designs.

But, if you want to show the core differences between Vaschy Vs Herschel backpacks, you must see that you can find Vaschy backpacks more affordable while Herschel backpacks not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaschy Backpacks

Are Vaschy backpacks good quality?

Yes, certainly they are. As the materials are of high quality, the products are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.

Are Vaschy backpacks good for school and college?

Yes, most of the Vaschy backpacks are perfect for school and college. Actually, it depends on your needs. Scool and college backpacks are available here too.

Is there any large backpack in Vaschy brand?

Yes, some Vaschy backpacks are very large. One of the most popular and choosable large Vaschy backpacks is the waxed canvas design.

Are these backpacks airplanes friendly?

Most of the backpacks are airplane friendly. But to be sure, please check whether it is airplane friendly or not while buying one.

How can I wash or clean a Vaschy backpack?

It is super easy. Some Vaschy bags are machine washable. You can just wipe and clean with a clean towel or tissue to clean or wipe it.

Where can I find backpacks comparatively at cheap prices?

You can buy all of the Vaschy backpacks on this list from Amazon if available at that time for an affordable price. In fact, you will be glad to know that some of the cost of the backpack is just less than $30 and, in addition, they come with free shipping!


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